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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #1

As it happens -- I am waiting on some feedback from Pat Rothfuss AND some TD vets waited until I post the "Final" token images to give their good feedback...so...here (I hope to Gygax) are the SUPER FINAL images for 2020. Not shown is adding "of" after Oil in the Common Oil Sacred Touch token.

Changes That I Can Remember

We standardized a lot of the text in the case of a token that has two or more powers.

Did final image adjustments to make sure the token images would print well and not be too dark when printed small.

Remove the +1 Short Sword (since we have the +1 Assassin's Blade already at Rare) and I replaced it with a +2 Shuriken. Yes, I know that in the past it was only a +1 Shurilken, but that was probably a mistake since it is only usable once a combat and it does less damage than the +2 Arrow. I upgraded the Uncommon Masterwork Shuriken to +1 status, too -- for the same reason.

Reduced the "20" damage on Undead from +20 to +10.

Changed the Rare Quiver to an "Arrow Bag" so we could make it a Back slotted item (and make the power better).

Change Uncommon Scroll to "Cold Blast" since we added the Rare Fireball scroll.

UR Bracelets of Reckless Fury - Dropped from +6 to +5 for damage

UR Ioun Stone - Made it so it only adds damage to Missile and "to hit" Spells...as we have the Arcane Belt already giving +2 damage to all Spells

UR Lenses of Agility - dropped it from +4 to +3

UR Lucky Shield - dropped it from +4 to +3

UR Ring of the Drake - I talked to Drake and he was cool with me dropping the +2 to "all" Spells bonus. It still gives +2 to Melee, Missiel and "to hit" Spells. So...for "to hit:" Spells, the max bonus for damage is still +6 this year with the URs available, but +2 for non-sliding damage Spells.

UR Taborlin's Key - This has been moved from "slotless" to the "Charm" slot -- much like Wil's Dragonheart

Trans Charm of Timely Aid - re-worded it so it states it only works once per room (so Init re-rolls can't trigger it twice)

Trans Monk's Relic & Legendary - We took out the Gloves of Glory power (many thought it was not good enough to include as is) and we added some new abilities that should work better...and the Legendary should be fun for fans of 70's Chinese martial art films. We took out the granting of PT-5 Psychic Power since most Legendary Monks will have a higher level anyway in a few short years.

That ought to do it. I may have swapped around a few images or made other changes I can't remember.


Common: truedungeon.com/files/Common20.jpg

Uncommon: truedungeon.com/files/Uncommon20.jpg

Rare: truedungeon.com/files/Rare20.jpg

Ultra Rare: truedungeon.com/files/UltraRare20.jpg

Transmuted: truedungeon.com/files/Transmuted20.jpg

I welcome feedback about the Monk Relic and Legendary, but I think the others are put to bed. Thanks for your infinite patience with this process.

Below is the previous text with the bit about the old Monk's Legendary PT-5 removed. Nothing else has changed.


For several reasons, we decided to start and end the token development process in July rather than September. This may or may not affect the pre-order delivery time, but we will still start the pre-order time on Nov. 1st as before.

This is going to be a special year for TD adventures as we are starting a new story-arc. We'll present three stand-alone modules. The 2020 tokens center around these modules and they should be a lot of fun to play. One will be in the Underthing (the underbelly of a wizard school) in the world of Pat Rothfuss. Another is a classic haunted house adventure where players must banish a baneful presence. The third one tasks the group with surviving the legendary Tomb of Terrors.

UR "Arcane" Set: Wearing all three of these items grants a caster the power to not mark off the first 0th-2nd level spell that character casts in a game.

UR "Lucky" Set: Wearing any two of these items increases the wearer's maximum HP by 5.

Multi-Year UR Shirt Set: Over the next four years we plan to release four Shirts. The first three give bonus/penalties toward the STR, DEX, CON stats and the final year grants +2 Focus (+2 to cast healing spells, cast damage spells, and polymorph damage.) At the end of the four years, all four can be combined so they make one Shirt that gives +2 to all those 3 stats and has the Focus power.

The 4-Year Shirt is not an Eldritch item. We are capping the Eldritch set at five. It is time to forge a new line of multi-year tokens that hopefully will use hidden RFID chips to make some cool effects for the players. Any "set" benefits won't be manifest for many years (since it takes at least two of these multi-year tokens), but I would not rule out giving the first "Arcanum" multi-year token (light purple token that's coming in four years) a cool little RFID chip enabled ability. I have so many cool ideas.

Vets and Newbies
It's worth noting that the ranks of the Treasure Token collectors have swelled considerably in the past few years. While it is vital to always accommodate the wants/needs of veteran collectors, we also need to keep new players in mind. Some tokens might not be best in slot for veterans, but newer players might really enjoy something like a set of new Armor tokens. It is always a tough thing to balance all the various collector groups, so I could be wrong on some of the mix this year. Let me know if you think I did.

New Powers Mentioned on Transmuted Tokens
Animal Friend: Once per room, rangers can use any polymorph potion token to summon a spiritual animal friend for one room. The summoned creature can't be dispelled, damaged, or buffed. When attacking with a 2H projectile-firing missile weapon, the ranger player puts that polymorph token into the second slider and slides both in the same manner as a ranger normally would on a melee attack slide (one puck in each hand, slid simultaneously.) The spiritual animal friend uses the ranger's To Hit modifier as written on the party card. The damage done by the spiritual animal friend is determined solely by the amount shown on the polymorph token--damage is not subject to any modifiers whatsoever. The ranger does not get any "side bonuses" from the polymorph token. (E.g., a spiritual asp friend would not reduce the ranger's Poison damage received.) The polymorph token must be turned in at the end of combat like other polymorph potions normally would be.

Fury: One per game, barbarians (whether Raging or not) can announce that they are going to "Fury" before making their attack slide. If they hit, the damage done with that one slide is treated as a standard 2× critical hit. It does not count as a natural 20, it's "just" a crit. That said, a Fury-fueled attack that actually lands on the 20 spot still counts as a natural 20 and can trigger effects which require a natural 20.

Grace: Either once (relic) or twice (legendary) per game, a paladin may instantly activated her "Grace" power to allow the roll of TWO d20 dice for any saving throw and take the higher result. Whether Grace is used to affect a multi-person saving throw roll or an individual's saving throw is up to the paladin. The use of Grace must be declared before the die is rolled.[/color].

Slot Expanders Cap
We've put a hard cap on the number of Charms (10) and Ioun Stones (9) one can equip. We feel it's important to rein-in future slot-expansion. At this time, only the Charm and Ioun Stone slots are being capped, but it's possible that at some point in the future we may need to cap other slots.
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #2

Two questions:
Does the +7 damage on the monk legendary also add to the damage when the FoB weapons are thrown? I'm assuming yes, but want to check.

Do you know if you have plans to change the effects of Gloves of the Flying Fists? What happens when a monk equips this legendary along with those gloves?
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #3

Wow, a lot of last-minute changes. I expected some of the "Lucky" changes but I didn't expect the massive changes to the monk legendary, I can't wait to see the final token! I agree the key should be slotted but I expected it would be bead. Charm works too, but it is getting crowded -- even with all the slot expanders.
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #4

Why does the uncommon +1 shuriken have a different class restriction than the +2 shuriken?

I think, like all other shuriken printed, the rare needs to be Fighter, Monk, and Rogue only.
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #5

With the Monk power can you throw two FoB weapons at once?
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #6

Okay, more questions:

Will the monk's ranged stats written on the party card include the + to hit from the monk's melee weapons? Or will the monk be expected to tell the DM that they are "throwing their melee weapons" and to add the +X to hit from the weapon for ranged attacks? Basically will Asher's +5 give their +5 bonus to hit to ranged attacks and will it be on the party card?

Will throwing the FoB melee weapons be immune to retribution damage? If so, can monks do this in a fight that does not necessitate ranged attacks?

Can stuns trigger off of thrown FoB weapons?
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #7

I understand taking the spell damage off of the monk ring but to also leave the melee and missle damage on the arcane belt doesn't seem equal.
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #8

Does Fury work against crit-immune enemies?
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #9

I believe part of the Ranger's Animal friend description is meant to be written:

"The spiritual animal friend uses the ranger's ranged To Hit modifier as written on the party card."

Instead of:

"The spiritual animal friend uses the ranger's To Hit modifier as written on the party card."
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #10

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So, if (and big if at this point) I make the Monk legendary, I can treat my Fangs as throwing weapons. I don't get my STR bonus to hit. But what about melee damage bonuses that aren't STR related (i.e. this Legendary, the Ring of Eel, Crown of Might, etc)? I would assume they are out, similar to how Thor's works (I think). But it still seems like it might be confusing for everyone. Or, I just keep using GoFF, which is stronger/simpler, but one of the major powers of this is rendered null. And returning Shurikens on the Relic is overshadowed by both the RIng and the GoFF. Frankly, at this point, I would rather drop that power entirely and find something else nifty for it.

Also, the main objection (the only one I remember at this moment) about the Psychic powers was repeating Tier 5 multiple times. The latest change, rather than prevent that, makes it more repeatable.

Heck, since the other three classes all get off token explanation powers, maybe we could drop both of repeating/throwing and psy power aspects, and give the monk a new. power. Maybe something like 'Whirlwind Roundhouse' (lets the Monk damage all Monsters on hit 1/room) or 'Golden Glow' (Monk's damage become Eldritch and ignores monster' special defenses 1/room) or 'Kamehadoken' (do Eldritch damage equal to your melee damage bonus to one monster, melee or range, no slide needed, 1/game, 2/game on legendary).

Also notice the range expander is the same on both.

Since this is the final, I'm guessing it is not likely to change. But yeah, this is a major downgrade from the last version, and feels like it is going to be a hassle.
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #11

Melee got UR waist slot items that enhance their abilities in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2018.

Melee got UR Ioun that enhances their abilities in 2018 (the first offensive oriented Ioun).

Now in 2020 it is too soon for magic users to have a waist slot item that enhances their abilities, and an Ioun at the same time.

I've gotten used to melee (nearly) always getting their toys first. It's disappointing when spell users can't be allowed get what melee already has because it is considered too much good stuff all at once.

Last year Melee got +6 STR Kilt of Barrelbane or +4 STR with Kilt of Dungeonbane and also the +2 damage Ioun - pretty much exactly the same buff spell was getting this year - and it was not determined to be too much too good stuff all at once at that time.

Melee got a +3 damage ring in 2017 (?), and is getting a +2 damage ring in 2020. Spellcasters haven't gotten a spell boosting ring since... Ring of Spell Storing? Haven't gotten a damage boosting UR+ ring since the year of the legendary... 2013 (?).

I do hope next year there is a UR +2 spell damage Ioun. If there is not because "it would allow sliders to double dip" or "spellcasters already have a damage dealing Ioun" I'm going to be pretty disappointed.

Bards and Druids have 0 spell slides, Clerics have 1, Wizards have 2.

I also hope there us a UR +2 or better spell damage boosting ring next year as well.

With regard to new-ish players and collectors, there is now 1 token in this class directed at spell users (Aracane belt)

There are 4 directed at melee (+2 Flaming Blade, Arcane Belt, Bracers of Reckless Fury, Ring of the Drake)

There are 4 directed at ranged (+1 MIghty Short Bow, Ioun Stone Banshee Prism, Lenses of Agility, Ring of the Drake).
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FINAL NOTES & IMAGES 2020 4 years 9 months ago #12

Purely a cosmetic thing, but can you move the head of the fire dragon around the edge of the talisman to the indicated place in the image (near the bottom)?

The current placement obstructs the top of the talisman itself.
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