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TOPIC: Solo Cleric LFG

Solo Cleric LFG 4 months 3 weeks ago #1

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Hey all,

I am looking for a group or other people to run TD with at Origins. I should be arriving Thursday (unknown what time) and leaving on Sunday (also unknown at the time). I am going with a group of friends but this year the people that normally go with me and play TD (including my wife) cannot attend. Therefore I'd like to play TD with people from the forum and possibly make some connections rather than just blindly sign up for runs myself. Currently I don't have any plans on any days and I'm looking for at least a Hardcore run on each adventure (for max xp). Multiple runs are fine if I have no other plans with my friends.

I have been playing TD for about three years of experience. I got lucky and got a GT this year, so here is my character from the GT thread:


STR: 16
DEX: 13
CON: 15
INT: 11
WIS: 25
CHA: 15

Hit: 6 Damage: 3 AC: 27

Hit: 1 Damage: 3 AC: 27 Missle AC: 0

Damage: 8 Heal: 11 Resist: 0

Reflex: 9 Fort: 13 Will: 18

Min: 19 Max: 21

Health: 43

Damage Reduction:

Melee Mainhand: +3 Baton of Focus
Melee Offhand: Templar Shield
Ranged Mainhand: Mighty Sling
Ranged Offhand: Templar Shield
Head: Templar Helmet
Eyes: Lenses of Divine Sight
Left Ear: Earcuff of Retort
Right Ear: Earcuff of the Wind
Neck: Medallion of Focus
Bead: Bead of the Lucky Traveler (I assumed at Gencon I'd have this, at Origins it's likely a Bead of Firehold)
Torso: Templar Armor
Wrist: Charm Bracelets
Hands: Gloves of Healing
Back: Cloak of Blending
Ring: Ring of Heroism
Ring: Ring of Spell Storing
Waist: Belt of Ogre Mage Power
Shirt: Shirt of Focus
Legs: Kilt of Dungeonbane - Constitution
Shins: Flameguard Greaves
Boots: Shoes of Speed
Figurine: Figurine of Power: Fiend
Charm: Charm of Avarice
Charm: Charm of Acuity
Charm: Charm of Enlightenment
Charm: Questor’s Charm of Luck
Charm: Charm of Health
Ioun Stone: Ioun Stone Amethyst Ovoid
Ioun Stone: Ioun Stone Gold Nugget
Ioun Stone: Ioun Stone Silver Nugget
Ioun Stone: Ioun Stone Topaz Trilliant
Ioun Stone: Ioun Stone Tanzanite Cube
Slotless: 1st Tooth of Cavadar
Slotless: 2nd Tooth of Cavadar
Slotless: 3rd Tooth of Cavadar
Slotless: 4th Tooth of Cavadar
Slotless: 5th Tooth of Cavadar
Slotless: Arcane Scroll Tube
Slotless: Canteen of Quaffing
Slotless: Drinking Horn of Bliss
Slotless: Greater Alchemist Pouch
Slotless: Gregor’s Tome of Focus
Slotless: Scepter of the Dead
Slotless: Medallion of Nobility
Slotless: Horn of Calling
Slotless: Haven Holy Symbol

I have a Khing's Ring of Supreme Evasion if I wanted to boost my reflex saves at the cost of Ring of Spell Storing. I also have a slew of tokens I could use over the crappier focus items, but sticking at the max of +11 to healing for now. Also not sure if +Con is better than +STR for the Kilt. I also just got a Blessed Redoubt Plate but I'm not sure about breaking the Templar bonus until I get three pieces.


I have ran hardcore a couple times over the years with some of you veterans (Mongo, etc) that have randomly ended up in our runs. I am not sure I could handle nightmare with my build but I'd definitely try. Not ready for epic obv.

I could also play my wife's Rogue (though I've never attempted the skill challenge) or my buddy's Barbarian. They are both definitely viable for Hardcore.

Thanks again.

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Solo Cleric LFG 4 months 3 weeks ago #2

My guild (Guildy McGuildface) is hoping to buy out some Origins runs. We only have 6 people coming, so we’ll be looking for more. Our Cleric can’t make it, so that would be a great fit. We can lend a Charm of Awakened Synergy if that is of interest. We have been running Hardcore but are hoping to jump to Nightmare. Look for a post tomorrow after the AG tickets go on sale—you’d be welcome to join us if the schedule works out.

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Solo Cleric LFG 4 months 3 weeks ago #3

My gf and I are are both Hardcore-viable and have some groups forming. Several of them have other folks who have prepurchased tickets that we haven't yet contacted.
I generally play Ranger ( tdcharactercreator.com/#/character/edit/ddbe1bc0-be84-46a0-9816-3fe21f685f18 ), and would be happy to have you join our runs, three still have spots:


Fair warning, we are bringing one friend along with us on each of them with limited experience.

We are also planning on playing at Gencon, so if playing with us is a good fit we'd love to play then too.

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