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TOPIC: LFG E1 - Abyssal Swamp Thurs 12:24 pm TDA19159112

LFG E1 - Abyssal Swamp Thurs 12:24 pm TDA19159112 4 years 11 months ago #1

I have 1 ticket for this Run. I'll have 10 classes with me for anyone that would like to borrow one. I have them listed with their starting health and level. (This can change depending on potions and such.)
If you don't have much in the way of tokens and would like to borrow something with a little more focus, please let me know which class and I'll hold it for you. ( This being said. 4 of my class are just level 4 uncommon/rare gear. They don't have all that much other than some health boosts to keep us all alive to get our loot.
If someone shows with a better build for any class, we should have it in mind to let the other person have the class, it's better for the group.)

class Health level
Barbarian 32 - 4
Bard 39 - 5
Cleric 38 - 5
Druid 39 - 4
Fighter 69(-3)- 5
Monk 35 - 5
Paladin 51 - 5 Powers
Ranger 38 - 4
Rogue 30(+3)- 4
Wizard 39 - 4
*Some of my characters have some treasure Enhancement tokens. I will need to talk to anyone that uses one of my characters with such benefits before the run. So we can all benefit and be happy dungeon crawlers.

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