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TOPIC: LFG- E2 - Path of Death Thurs 10:13am TDA19159176

LFG- E2 - Path of Death Thurs 10:13am TDA19159176 4 years 9 months ago #1

I have 3 tickets for this Run. I'll have 10 classes with me for anyone that would like to borrow one. I would like to Run the Paladin and my two friends will run Fighter and Monk. (Due to Treasure enhancements which I have on other classes but these are the highest bonuses.)

If you don't have much in the way of tokens and would like to borrow something with a little more focus, please let me know which class and I'll hold it for you. ( This being said. 4 of my class are level 4th lvl uncommon/rare gear. They don't have all that much other than some health boosts to keep us all alive to get our loot. If someone shows with a better build for any class, we should have it in mind to let the other person have the class, it's better for the group.)

class Health level
Barbarian 32 - 4
Bard 39 - 5
Cleric 38 - 5
Druid 39 - 4
Fighter 69(-3)- 5 Mike
Monk 35 - 5 Chris
Paladin 51 - 5 Powers
Ranger 38 - 4
Rogue 30(+3)- 4
Wizard 39 - 4

Can't wait for Gencon. See everyone soon.

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