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TOPIC: Questions about Odin's Redux...

Questions about Odin's Redux... 4 months 2 days ago #1

A bunch of my friends and myself went on a run of Odin's Redux at 7 on Saturday night. Only one of them had ever played before, so I decided to use this as a way to show the others what the game was like.

Having done the dungeons last year, I knew what to expect, but was left kind of surprised at what seemed to be a serious drop in quality from last year.

The first room was a carbon copy of the previous year, which made me excited because I thought it would continue on this way. Second room, some parts of the puzzle were falling apart (chalk it up to being one of the last runs). Then we get to the "infamous bridge" room, which was now a combat room and not the fun puzzle from last year.

In the combat rooms, the tables were already revealed and in place, so none of the immersive or surprise combat starts. They also thought it was strange when DMs were running rooms when it seemed like an NPC could have done it.

We didn't get to talk to an AC afterwards, so we couldn't express these grievances to anyone (although we did get to watch Jake get knighted so that was awesome).

Did anyone else run NX earlier in the con and run into these issues? I thought at least the first 2 fights could have had a surprise reveal of the table. Is this a space issue or just going for simplicity?

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