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TOPIC: Wish List Group Questions

Wish List Group Questions 9 months 6 days ago #1

Hi, all. A group of five of us will be first time GenCon attendees, and are interested in doing Odin's Redux and E1. We are trying to be ready for the wish list submission going live this Sunday at Noon, and have several questions.
We are all linked as Friends and Family on our GenCon accounts.

Q1: Should one person have a wish list for a specific time, with tickets checked for all five and "only purchase if tickets are available for all" checked?
Q2: Is there an advantage or problem with multiple members of the group to submit identical wish lists?
Q3: If tickets are secured, do they all go into the one person's cart, or does one ticket go into each person's cart?
Q4: Should one person (or several people) submit overlapping times to increase chances?

I'm sure there are other questions, but the wish list mechanic is a little confusing, so any answers you might be able to help with would rock!

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Wish List Group Questions 9 months 6 days ago #2

Multiple members can have overlapping wishlists, but the system will prevent you from double booking yourself or any of your friends.

This can be annoying if a friend of yours has booked you into an event - you won’t be able to book yourself into another conflicting event.

Here is what I would do:

1. Picks day and time range, with a start window if about an hour.

2. Have each of your friends put in their wishlist the ~5 overlapping runs that start in that hour with:

5 slots picked - but just using generic slots and not the “friend name” slots.

The “only get me tickets if they are all available” box checked.

3. Then on registration day you and all your friends are there the second registration opens to hit submit (maybe this piece has been automated away and wishlists submitted before reg starts are randomly procccessd)

Odds are very good at least one of you and your friends will get 5 slots in one run.

4. Get on the phone or chat system and determine which friends have what. Have all but 1 of them drop tickets that you don’t need, and then check out.

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