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TOPIC: 2023 Golden Ticket Sign-Ups

2023 Golden Ticket Sign-Ups 1 week 6 days ago #1

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Welcome Lucky Golden Ticket Holder!
This is the place where all Golden Ticket holders select which convention and adventure they wish to redeem their Golden Ticket on. Unless all other slots have been claimed, you must choose a convention (either Gen Con or Gamehole Con) and an adventure featured at that convention.
Note: Not all details are final. We reserve the right to make alternations without notice if we deem them necessary.
There are two different versions of Golden Ticket tokens this year: "Team Francis (1 of 60)" and "Team Gib Gub (1 of 40)". However... the team names are just for fun and do not mean anything! Even though the tokens have slightly different text on them, they both redeem exactly the same way, and they mean exactly the same thing. Do not let the different wording fool you into thinking they go with different adventures or different conventions. You can use either of them at either convention (Gen Con or Gamehole Con) or on any adventure--subject to availability.

How To Redeem Your Golden Ticket Token
Send an email with the subject line:
GT Registration
to MyUsername@truedungeon.com. Do not literally send an email to the email address "MyUsername@truedungeon.com" Substitute the username of the person who composed this post for the red italicized text before @truedungeon.com. (The name you need to use is shown to the left of the top of this post. Hint: it starts with a "d" 😉.) In that email, include all of the following (feel free to copy/paste this text block to use as a template):
  1. Your real name:_
  2. Your forum name:_
  3. The character class you prefer* to play:_
  4. The slot (A, B, C, etc.) you prefer* to play:_
  5. A legible photo of your GT token (either jpg or png)
*There is no guarantee your preference(s) will be available. Selections are made on a first-come, first-pick basis. If you have no class and/or slot preference, specify that--don't just leave either of those preference lines blank. But no matter when you register your GT, it's highly recommended that you have at least one or two other class builds as backup when you arrive at the event.

Do not attempt to register your GT slot until you have the actual token in your possession. You may not reserve a spot by claiming your GT token is "on the way". Incomplete emails--including emails with no photographic proof--will not count as a registration.

After we verify your claim, we add your forum name to the "sign-up sheets" below, as designated by convention and adventure name.

Congratulations on your awesome acquisition!

Gen Con
Curse of Crimson Isle (Slot "A")
  1. kirkbauer--ranger
  2. Grellden--paladin
  3. Cassie--elf wiz or wiz
  4. Flik--cleric
  5. brian haag--rogue
  6. smakdown--barbarian
  7. Dougout--monk (or ranger or any class)

Curse of Crimson Isle (Slot "B")
  1. Archmage78--ranger
  2. gunnermk11--barbarian

Curse of Crimson Isle (Slot "C")
  1. charleston--ranger
  2. Mongo--monk
  3. Jimtw--cleric

Tomb of Terror: Legacy (Slot "F")
  1. Kithren Bloodwood--fighter
  2. Dergidan--rogue

Tomb of Terror: Legacy (Slot "G")
  1. Wiltey--druid

Tomb of Terror: Legacy (Slot "H")

Tomb of Terror: Legacy tells the tale of how Dalin's father came into possession of the map and key to the Door of Many Doors--behind which lies the Tomb of Terror.
Darkhold Keep (Slot "K"--there's only one slot for this adventure)

Gamehole Con 2023
adventure name TBA (Slot "X")

adventure name TBA (Slot "Y")

adventure name TBA (Slot "Z")
Have you looked it up in the TDb ?
Please post TDb corrections in this thread .
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2023 Golden Ticket Sign-Ups 1 week 5 days ago #2

A big thanks to Chad for managing this task for many years, but now that it has grown to 100 Golden Tickets, it is too much a task to ask of him. Thanks Chad.

Also, feel free to post in this thread to communicate with your fellow GT winners.

PLEASE DO NOT attempt to claim a GT spot with a post. That must be done through an email as described above. Any offending post will be deleted.

Note: We reserve the right to tweak and change things as needed. Events are still somewhat in flux, but the details given here are our best guess as to the final state of things.

And congratulations on finding a Golden Ticket! Well done.
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