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TOPIC: True Dungeon Teams Up with Worldbuilders

True Dungeon Teams Up with Worldbuilders 1 month 3 weeks ago #169

Wade Schwendemann (Dr. Uid) wrote: Ultimately they probably have a master list somewhere of all winners (speculation, but likely required for tax purposes?) but have probably had enough people asking not to have their names published that if WB didn't keep people anonymous, they would see fewer donors.

Certainly they must have such a list - because they somehow have to figure out who to mail what to - right?

Their whole "we can't just announce the winners publicly!" statement is a non sequitur to me - I don't think people are clamoring for a public list of all the winners. I think people want notification of what they've won - and perhaps a public announcement that "the drawings are complete, and winners have been notified."

Their current system amounts to a declaration that if your winnings get lost in the mail then tough luck.

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