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PAX Online 2 weeks 3 days ago #1


Wondering if TD could do anything for PAX Online.

Dunno if repeating the upcoming Zoomed games is practical or even would fit with what they're planning, but it's possible some kind of streamed panel, a video "tour" of a special-made dungeon (cobbled together from what's easily available/used), maybe with a small handful of properly masked local Bluehands/NPCs/Jeffs, or even an "Esports" streamed game where a small team (maybe 4-5?) of players do a dungeon run?

Either of those could be short, maybe 1 hour dungeons (like a 12 minute sealed pack coaching room/explanation of what TD is, 6 minute training room (without the memorization panels filmed), 3 rooms, and a 6 minute wrap up?

Or it could be 1 large room with some kind of multi-stage glowy puzzle and 2-3 different monsters that enter at different points (so it could be run by one DM and 1 Bluehand)?
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