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TOPIC: Questions From a First Timer

Questions From a First Timer 1 year 8 months ago #13

Jared wrote:

Bob Chasan wrote: Jared,

I was probably your coach so I apologize for any confusion. I probably said to your group that in the dungeon time is your enemy. Well, time is my enemy in the coaching room everybody’s very excited about their tokens trying to decide which character class to get played and I have a very short amount of time to get all of my information across and get your information recorded on the party card. I usually try to explain that there are five different difficulty levels starting with epic, nightmare, hard-core which I explain are completely inappropriate for the level of gear that the group has. I then usually try to go on and say that the two most appropriate will be either normal or non-lethal. Since it has been thoroughly explained in previous post I won’t going to details but often times I’m caught between the clock and a hard place trying to get the entire party recorded.

So once again I apologize for the confusion but I do want to welcome you back to the game and welcome you to the forums

I am not sure if you were my coach, so hopefully you aren't taking it too hard. It's definitely a whirlwind of activity for the volunteers. I was impressed with the patience given the quick timing and tons of questions people asked. Most of those questions I am sure are asked over and over for 3-4 days straight, 12 hours a day. I thought everyone did a great job.

My gamer side in me is what made me wonder. I thought "Why risk dying if you can just come back to life the next room and make it out alive, survivor badge and all?" It seems the non lethal version is ideal for new players. Takes a lot of the pressure off where they can focus on enjoying the experience.

Having the additional challenge, treasure draws, and better players for higher levels sounds great. I am looking forward to learning all I can between now and then.

But please, don't feel bad for a second about the coaching session, if indeed you were my coach. I felt it was clear, helpful for all in the room, and very patient with the rapid fire questioning you were receiving from 7 new players all at once!

Thanks for the kind words! At PaxSouth we have a much higher-much higher occurrence of brand new players and it’s all about the experience for them.
Many of them have never played Dungeons & Dragons before and are only used to the digital world where hitting reset is as easy as pushing the button.
I’m glad that you understand and are excited to play again at higher difficulty levels and with more tokens.
Please visit my fledgling token store.

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