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TOPIC: Unfortunate Token Predator News

Unfortunate Token Predator News 7 years 3 weeks ago #109

Beertram wrote:

True hero of time (THOT) wrote: The chart should also remind people it is against Con rules to sell your tokens on site.

That is a GenCon rule to enforce and not necessarily a True Dungeon rule to enforce. So that should be on a GenCon sign and not on a TD poster. TD could of course put a disclaimer warning players to follow all local laws and rules when trading or selling tokens.

Not so much "enforce" as "warn about." Somebody has to tell them, and I doubt most people read the pages of rules when they get their badge. I never did. I learned the no-selling rule from the forums.

PUGs with their three chips are much less likely to get scammed as someone who borrows a CoA, because they're getting 1/5 of the treasure.

I'm making a point of telling the newbies on our run that trading their tokens for cash can get their badges revoked. Because it can.

But I'm certainly not going to narc on anyone.

The more I think about the "setting a value" concern, the more I think we're being paranoid. Giving numbers in a range says nothing is fixed, and saying "they are often listed in ebay for..." is just a fact. Saying that recipes say one rare is generally worth two UCs of a trophy is worth at least 300gp are just immutable facts, because they ARE set by TD. I see no reason to pussyfoot around facts.

Now saying "Defender set is worth $x" is NOT a fact, so I agree there are limits. But we don't have to be so... whatever the word I'm looking for is.

Keeping things too nebulous has the virtue of being correct without the benefit of actually being very helpful, IMO.

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe" - Magritte

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Unfortunate Token Predator News 7 years 3 weeks ago #110

Hey players,
Just as a counter point for clarity, when I first looked at the poster, it took me a while to understand what it meant. I kept wondering if there were supposed to be $$$$.
Then I realized what was intended and I have been playing for years. So for newbies, I'm not sure what information that poster will convey.
Humbly yours,
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