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TOPIC: LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD

LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 3 weeks ago #1

Looking for the others on this run. Didn't see any posted thread about it, so I guess I'm first up with it.

EDIT: This run has new players, so the difficulty should be assumed to be Normal.

One ticket unsold.

1. Hawk Fingle - Something else?
2. Jim - Bard
3. Dan - Cleric? One of the Wizards?
4. Kenban - Ranger
5. Dave - Elf Wizard
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. ?
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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 3 weeks ago #2

Hello there!
My buddy and I are in this run...We're both first timers and have collectively bought a handful of token sets to prepare.
So this being our first time...Is it not recommended to double-up on a certain class? I know a couple of the rare things I got are usable by bard, so I was contemplating making one.
Thanks, and look forward to playing!

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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 3 weeks ago #3

Hey Jim! Welcome to the forums! :) I'm Hawk, aka Mike, and have been playing True Dungeon for a few years now. Glad to hear you are giving True Dungeon a go at Origins!

So the way True Dungeon works is that there are 12 classes to choose from, and you can't double up on any one class. Everyone chooses a different class, and there will only ever be a max of 10 used.

From my own experience, the most commonly snatched up classes are the fighting type classes - Barbarian, Fighter, Dwarf Fighter, Monk, Paladin, and Ranger. These classes will always be involved in combat, which is done with sliders on a shuffleboard type mini-game. Most players really like combat sliding, so the combat classes go quickly.

The second most commonly snatched up classes I have seen are the heavy spell casters - Cleric, Wizard, and Elf Wizard. These classes will also be involved in combat, but they'll more likely be casting spells off their character card instead of sliding, though the Cleric sometimes mixes it up on the shuffleboard as well. There is also a Druid class that can cast spells but the Cleric, Wizard, and Elf Wizard are usually picked up before the Druid, again speaking from what I've seen.

Then you have the two more or less specialist classes, the Rogue and the Bard. The Rogue will have opportunities to play a sort of carnival type coordination game that is a cross between the buzzer game Operation and an escape-the-maze puzzle to open special Rogue boxes to pick up either treasure or a clue that could help solve a puzzle in the room. They can also try to sneak attack monsters for extra damage, or even do a maneuver called Flanking where they place their slider puck somewhere down at the end of the board to help other sliders. The Bard gets Bardsong, which provides the entire party with attack and damage bonuses, and they can try to make a Lore check on a monster to learn something special that may help the party defeat it. They also have a small selection of spells they can use.

Now, I always tell new players that they can be any class they want, but if they want the most bang for their buck they should probably start out in a combat class. Everyone contributes during puzzle rooms, but the combat rooms give you the opportunity to play the slider shuffleboard game, and the combat classes are really built towards that from the start. Every class can participate in combat, but being one of the fighter types sort of puts you in the spotlight. :)

I've been playing Bard class pretty much since I started, mostly because at the time I had bought the last ticket to my first True Dungeon events, and everyone else had picked the other classes! :D This was okay by me though since I wanted to try the Bard out anyway and since no one else wanted to be the Bard, Hawk Fingle was born! In that time since I have managed to pull together a pretty impressive Bard build that helps out the entire party in some pretty awesome ways.

The usual etiquette here on the forums is if the slot is being organized here then it is first come, first served. That is based on one person buying out the entire run of ten spots, though. With Origins, things have been less stressful with ticketing, and since no one had posted up the slots I figured I would put up the ones I had to see if anyone else was out there. Most experienced players like to make their party class choices ahead of time to help keep things organized before they get into the coaching room and to help avoid arguments over who is playing what.

If you have your heart set on being the Bard, I can try and pull together an alternate build. My specialty is Bard but I'd rather new players play what they think would be fun for them. Maybe it's time for me to look into another class build for a change. :)

I'll add you and your friend to the roster, and let me know what class each of you are strongly leaning towards. You have plenty to choose from being the first responder to the thread. Don't take too long though or someone else might post and snipe your class. Like me. :P ;) :laugh:
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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 3 weeks ago #4

Well met Mike (Hawk)! Thank you for the most gracious welcome and feedback!

My buddy and I are trying to prep as much as we can (looking at online resources, buying tokens, etc). We sort of assumed there will be vet players that will have killer builds and that we may not have much 'say' in what characters we create. Quite honestly, I chose bard because it's been my favorite class to play for the last 20 years LOL!

That being said, my buddy and I were going to 'pool' our tokens and share to see how we can best build. He was leaning cleric and I was leaning bard, as we have rare tokens usable by these classes. But I also plan on sampling other builds using the generator so that I can walk in with anything. Your accommodating of the newbs is most noble and appreciated! ;)

It's good to know that we can maybe map this out ahead of time on the forums. I'll talk to my buddy and see what he wants to do. Far be it from me to take away your opportunity to play your main character. If you want to try a new build, I'll be happy to try the bard. But I can also build something else if you're looking to advance your character. We're just SO stoked to play this for the first time!

I look forward to meeting you and thanks again for all the great feedback!


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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 3 weeks ago #5

No worries. :) Let me know what you decide.

You mentioned a generator. If you haven't already checked it out, might I point you towards searching your app store on your phone for the Character Gen for True Dungeon app? It is free, maintains a database of all available tokens, and is super easy to use. Plus, if you use the app for your character and show the stats to the coach on your phone, you will usually be given an extra hit point as a reward for making the coach's job a little easier. Search True Dungeon in your phone's app store. I use this for all my runs.

There is also Amorgen's Character Designer, which uses Excel. Just like the phone app but a bit more robust, this tool is used to assemble full parties ahead of the con, allowing for a party card to be printed out and handed to the coach thus saving them time and eliminating possible errors. It doesn't auto-update like the phone app, but it is super useful for coordinating and organizing character classes and token combos. You can find that HERE .

Since I'm coordinating the run, if we get all ten classes filled here ahead of time, I'll use the Excel sheet to help keep everything tidy and print the party card ahead of time. If the rest of the players don't show up here, I'd rather keep it low key on the phone app. So far we're three out of nine tickets sold, and the other six are a mystery for now. Our picks here might clash with them if they never find their way to the forums. :dry:

Lastly, there is an online token database that is actively maintained and is considered the final say on how a token works according to official rulings. You can look up nearly every True Dungeon token that has ever been made, see exactly what token slot it takes up, and other information. Go HERE to check it out!

Glad you and your friend are excited to play! I hope you enjoy it! B)
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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #6

Hey Hawk,

I'm Jim's buddy Dan. My best setup with the tokens I have is for a cleric build. I could also play a wizard If necessary. I appreciate the insight in the prior posts and look forward to grouping with you. If either class if too critical for a newb I can play something else. I'm just here to get the total experience and have some fun.

Up the irons!

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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #7

Thanks again, Hawk...The Amorgen's excel sheet is the one I'm toying around with. I was checking out the iPhone app, but the one I saw is $3. I have no issue paying that, mind you, but I just wasn't sure if it was the same one you were talking about. Based on the description, it sounds like it is. Either way, I'll probably just buy it...Something tells me, I'll need all the HP I can get with these damn artificer's gloves ;)

Regarding my character, I honestly have the best chance with a bard based on the tokens I have. Some of the tokens to which I'm referring are:

Modegan Longbow (Rare)
Antressor Lute (Uncommon)
Scroll of Arcane Destruction (Rare)
Scroll of Corpse Conversion (Rare)

I understand this is piddly chump change but it's probably the best I have regarding a combination of tokens that can be used together by one class. I know this means you'd have to play something else and, not to mention, I wouldn't be nearly the bard that you would provide the party. But if it's ok, then I'd like to try the bard out. That being said, if you really want to get your bard XP and treasure, I totally understand and will come up with something else.

Thanks for being so cool and helpful around all of this...You really know how to make a newb feel welcome!


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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #8

No worries! If you want to give the Bard a shot, by all means you are welcome.

One thing to keep in mind is that the XP earned goes to you, the player, and not to any particular class. The XP is not applied to the character you play, but opens up little extra bonuses the more times you play. So you aren't putting me out any treasure or XP per se.

I'll be looking over what the other classes are and what tokens I have for an alt build. Hmmm... Maybe have a couple alt builds just in case. :D
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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #9

Hawk, my good man...allow me to use a common cliche...
You are a gentleman and a scholar...

Thank you, good sir...I will make sure I have the app in hand with a bard build ready. And I hope I won't disappoint TOO badly :laugh:

So now we just have to hope that the other folks in this session think to check the forums?

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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #10

Don't thank me just yet. We don't know what the other players are doing. Though I'm pretty confident that if they were on the forums, they would already have responded by now.

My best guess is they will also be new players. They could be vets that don't use the forums, but most regular players make their way here eventually, and I get the sense that True Dungeon at Origins will be largely new players.
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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 weeks ago #11

I will be on this run, I have just been ignoring the Origins threads and been more worried about registration for Gen Con.

I am planning on playing a ranger.

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LFO Thurs 12:00 IDD 7 years 2 days ago #12

ok, so I managed to arrive in Columbus this evening. I originally didn't think I'd make it until Thursday afternoon. As a result I asked if I could add the earliest possible run on Thursday. They told me noon was available, so I said "perfect". I have played TD a lot, but hopefully you'll find me easy to run with. I'm good with whatever level of difficulty the group wants to play.

And absolutely no pressure, but I have a handful of tokens I'm willing to borrow if anyone wants to use them. I have 2 extra Charm of Heroism and 3 extra Ring of Heroism, so if you want to pump your characters abilities a bit, its up to you.

In terms of class, my preferred class is Elf Wizard. Of course I'm fine with Wizard as well. But if there are two people who really want to try those class I can also come up with a pretty good build for a Barbarian, Fighter or Dwarf Fighter. I can probably make a decent Paladin or Ranger if needed. The other classes would not be my strongest, but I'll happily try just about anything.

And after performing the necessary arcane rituals to stunt her growth, I will be bringing the baby beholder I adopted at Gen Con last year. Her abilities no longer function in the dungeon, but she makes a good mascot. Besides I promised to help look for her mother. That couldn't pose any problems, could it?

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