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TOPIC: 2017 TDC - True Horde Statistics

2017 TDC - True Horde Statistics 3 years 2 weeks ago #25

Matthew Hayward wrote: Forgot to ask:

1. Would Dragon Tooth Amulet of have worked on the majority of offensive spells? Seems like that might have been an MVP token if so.

2. If all 30 players had worn Belt of Thorns, would we have made short work of the Jeffegorgon, or was it immune to untyped retribution damage?

1. Yes, the Dragon Tooth Amulet would have helped against the spell attacks (but not melee, missile, or breath attacks).

2. The Jeffagorgon was vulnerable to retribution damage. Whether or not it would have made "short work" of him is another question. Typically the Jeffagorgon was only using melee attacks once out of every 3 or 4 attacks (he was alternating between melee, missile, magic, and sometimes breath). And in order to tone him down, it did get to the point where he was only attacking every other round. So while the Belt of Thorns would have inflicted some more damage, it would have taken a long while for the Jeffagorgon to die solely from retribution damage.

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2017 TDC - True Horde Statistics 2 years 11 months ago #26

Harlax wrote:

Incognito wrote: Updated based on posts thus far.

James J Krot wrote: I could have unstoned myself at the end on saturday night but didn't seem to be any point after we won. I would like to point out it could have been worse I "cursed" stu in rolling a one saturday night and our party made at least one 20 save. We were teetering on the brink but a little bit of luck brought it out. I would like to point out the only person who "survived*. I also think smackdown is a unholy god of war at this point.

Well, it's like a lot of players who die and technically could be brought back if they want to use a Mystic Mushroom but are fine with staying dead.

MAYBE...just MAYBE...Smakdown was in cahoots with the Jeffagorgon the whole time. And what you saw was an elaborately crafted ruse to make you *think* that the Jeffagorgon has been defeated.... :evil:

Rob F wrote: Eric,

I believe my AC was 41, not 43. And glad I didn't burn the Wish Ring I had equipped. Thanks for the trade!

On the party card it has 41 listed big but then 43 written in the corner.

This could be one of the cases where the TDC buttons you had adjusted stats.

What TDC button did you get?

Well since defeating a creature like the Jeffagorgon on the prime material plane generally doesn't truly kill it...

We probably have not seen the last of him.

But yes, that demon hug at the end was mighty suspicious. ;)

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