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TOPIC: Raven's Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

Raven's Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Awesome 6 years 10 months ago #1

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*Spoilers* likely contained herein. You are warned.


* The entry & waiver area was laid out much better this year than last year, resulting in far fewer bottlenecks to get into the dungeon.

* The layout of the Storyscape made better use of forward space (for trading tables & token merchants) and still had good signage for players looking for their coaching room.

* the XP area and token draws moved much more smoothly this year than many years.

* Overall, the DMs seemed quite good this year. Even the DMs which felt "slow" to me got in 3 rounds of combat, which is in a reasonable range.


* Running out of 5th level cards. Especially running out before the first day of the Con was done.

* Running out of 50-bags of Treasure. Please, make 10 times the number you think you'll need.

* Yellow lights on colour sensitive puzzles

* Only one multi-stall restroom, and poorly marked info on how to find appropriate restrooms for the female half of the population. (I didn't really care much, and declared the washrooms a Unisex zone, but I know several women felt unwelcome in the TD area, and physically uncomfortable, due to this decision)


* The first room NPCs, who set the stage magnificently. Also, much thanks to TD for "equal opportunity eye candy"

* The NPCs in general. Stellar performances, and fantastic costuming.

* Incredibly immersive sets, including the "hallways" between encounters on the Dancing Stone slide - I loved the sound-dampening of the "ceilings" in the basement, too. And the way the shiny tree was set up on the Storyscape side of the SoundWalls, so its light spillage was a benefit, instead of a problem. And the "hedge maze" walls. All fantastic.

* The Daruna, and other Rothfus monsters/ characters.... being able to interact with them was like stepping into one of my favorite books.

* All the amazing volunteers. I can't put into words how incredible it is to work with you every year... From the Bag Check volunteers who put up with me coming back for my bag 5 times in 15 minutes, to the XP desk keeping things running smoothly and still finding time to chat with new players about their experiences, to Dave Radtke and Chad and Kyle and Chandler keeping the Tokens flowing. Plus hundreds more whom I can't list here, and even if I tied, I would forget someone. You were all awesome.

Check out these awesome resources:
Cranston's Character Generator for iDevices or Android
Amorgen's Excel Character Generator
And the ever-useful Token DataBase , expertly maintained by Druegar.

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