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TOPIC: Feedback on puzzle side runs

Feedback on puzzle side runs 6 years 7 months ago #1

I know there are already a ton of these, but our super awesome training room DM told us specifically to post after. And he deserves a raise. He said to mention that too. (Sat Moongate 2:37)

Thursday puzzle Dancing
We figured this out right after we left the room. We were hurt by the broken rings because somehow the rumor was shared as fact that they removed them on purpose after seeing which classes we didn't have. Not your fault.

Half damage is unfun and easily fixable. Double their hitpoints and have correct attacks do double and wrong attacks do normal. It's how World of Warcraft fixed the resting xp bonus. Instead of giving half xp after three hours in the beta, they give double xp for three hours and double the xp needed. Same result, feels way more fun.

We figured out we needed to count the occurrences of each word, but there were five singles and simply no clues as to which was which. Too many possibilities to have a chance.

Just ran out of time. The unresponsiveness of the stones didn't help though.

Nailed it by starting with moves that had only one choice.

20 pages of text to search through? Rly?

SO AwEsOMe!!!

Saturday moon
Do more like this!!! Letting only 5 do the riddle way and then letting others either roleplay or buy their way out was what TD should be all about. Also funny was watching ten awkward nerds try to not look at the gorgeous naked woman.

Star stones
Solved in two minutes and got to hang out with really nice guide lady who went on to TOTALLY BETRAY US.

Tree man
Whooped him, including multiple nut shots from our dwarf.

That was the biggest 20 zone I have ever seen.

I couldn't smell any of them. Neat idea though.

This one sucked. Only two people could work on this and the rest just hung out. Maybe if the flower was brighter so it could be held in the middle of the room and turned around it would have worked.

Give that creepy hippie fae a medal. She was amazing. The Christmas present ghost from Scrooged times ten. "Please don't break my lovely bowls or else I'll have to kill you." Has never sounded so adorable.

If any new players did Moongate as their first game, you have made customers for life. But if their only game was Dancing, as it was for my wife, then you are going to see lots of bad comments here and on reddit.

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