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TOPIC: Variable Token Effects for GHC Grind

Variable Token Effects for GHC Grind 2 years 5 months ago #1

Apologies for not posting this earlier.

For GHC, each AoW, Eldritch Runestone, and/or UR Special can choose (at the beginning of the adventure) the corresponding effect from this year's WYC or GenCon:

1. AoW:

A. Once during the adventure, you may turn any failed saving throw into a successful one.

This is like the Figurine: Dragon and Figurine: Tortoise except that it can be used against any type of saving throw (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will). In addition, the once per adventure effect can be used on another player's failed saving throw, if you so choose.

B. After taking their standard action, a player wearing an Amulet of Wonder may take another standard action (which may be the same or a different type of action). However, you then lose your next standard action (which will probably be on the next turn but could be later due to status effects or other circumstances). If your second action is to attack again, please let the DM know beforehand. The DM will calculate your damage first and you will then slide again, with all the other sliders still on the table.

2. Eldritch Runestone:

A. Once per room, after a successful hit, you may leave your slider on the combat board and deliver the same damage during the next combat round – assuming the puck does not get bumped into a zone which does not count as a hit against the monster.

This effect is similar to that of the +1 Rapier of Piercing.

If you are actually using a +1 Rapier of Piercing, you can leave your slider once for the Rapier, and a second time with the Eldritch Runestone.

If you are using a ranged weapon, ammo effects are not repeated during the second round, though you can choose to expend another ammo.

Spellcasters casting a sliding spell or sliding scroll may leave their slider to get the same number to hit next round, but will need to expend another spell or scroll (which could be different from the first one). So they essentially get repeat the hit but not the damage (unless they use the same spell/scroll again).

B. Your character gets +20 Max HP.

3. UR Special

A. You will be given 5 action counters to be used for the entire adventure. You may turn in an action counter to take an additional standard action, which may be the same type of action you already took. You may only use one action counter per round.

It is your responsibility to keep track of the action counters and to monitor when to use them. The action counters will have no special value (e.g. they are not collectible).

If your additional action is to attack again, you do this after everyone has already slid. You can decide whether you want to slide a second time before or after all the other sliders are calculated but the DM's will continue calculating sliders unless you tell them otherwise. You cannot choose to have some sliders calculated and others not before attacking again.

If you cast an additional spell, it is cast normally. You could theoretically cast a spell normally as your action, turn in an action counter to cast a second spell normally, and then use the Bracelets of the Zephyr to cast a third spell as a scroll for your Free Action.

If you are a Bard with a Widseth's Mystical Lute, you can normally attack and do bardsong. If you also use an action counter, your additional action could be to cast a spell, even if you do not have Briano's Blessed Bodhran.

B. The UR Special can be used in the dungeon if you need it (i.e. you do not need to turn it in beforehand during coaching).

You get two effects, each of which can be used once during the adventure:

1. After a die is rolled, you may change the die roll result to whatever you wish.

2. After a combat slider is slid, you may move the slider to any position and orientation you wish. (This can be used after all sliders have been slid).

Creative players may find other ways to utilize these once-per-adventure abilities during the course of the adventure.

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