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TOPIC: Puzzle failure shouldn't take combat hitpoints

Puzzle failure shouldn't take combat hitpoints 6 years 11 months ago #61

See, ironically, I don't have a problem with tokens that reduce push or puzzle damage. If anything that provides a compelling choice for a dungeon delver.

Player A: Horrible at puzzles, expert at sliding
Player B: Can't shuffleboard to save their life, but is a member of mensa

Theoretical token 1: Awesome damage/combat bonus that makes it easier to hit stuff
Theoretical token 2: Token that reduces penalties for puzzle failure

The catch: Both tokens are for the same slot. Now you have a choice.

Player A may opt for the 2nd one, because they're confident in their combat abilities, but they need help in the puzzle room.

Player B is confident in their puzzle solving abilities, so they don't need the buffer, and instead chooses to take the first token to make up for their deficiency in combat.

Everyone who is a combat fanatic likes to min/max. There's a reason that you can find optimized build posts for every class. Compelling choices reduce min/maxing, and add some flavor to the token market.

If people want reduced damage from puzzles, fine. Just make it so they have to choose between that and something else. This is why Ray's ring and the cricket figurine were fine....they're taking up a slot that could be used for something else.
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