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TOPIC: True Dungeon Timeline: 2003 Info

True Dungeon Timeline 2016 Info 1 year 5 months ago #109

Ian Lee wrote: Anyone want to add more details to rooms 2006+?

Or, does that affect retrodungeons?

I remember the room with bars and making the crossbow to get the keys (or do something else) at the beginning of, I think, 2006. I remember at least one of the puzzle rooms. I remember the shambler and medusa from 2007 - the reason why I was the only person in my run to avert eyes in the recent retrodungeon. I don't remember what 2008 was like, at all.

I stopped adding room details to the Timeline once they started doing the Dungeon Modules in 2006. I figured the Dungeon modules captured the details of each room in far better detail than I could in the timeline - without just copying/pasting the module info into the timelines. I'm totally open to adding other info to the timeline though, including for the more recent years I haven't captured yet. It might be nice to note for instance the first time True Dungeon expanded to each of the conventions.

It might be nice to capture the room details for any virtual Dungeons that aren't going to get modules, if anyone took good notes (or has access to the info and the OK to share it).

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True Dungeon Timeline 2016 Info 1 year 5 months ago #110

Druegar wrote:

Mike Steele wrote: Regarding your missed XP, I'd recommend sending Jeff a message and seeing if he can help.

Sorry, but we cannot change XP from that far back.

I figured as much, no big deal.

Fiddy wrote:

Dave Autzen wrote:

David Harris wrote: I'm glad this popped back up, I was looking for it awhile ago and couldn't find (all be it only a quick search). I'll favorite it this time so I don't have to go hunting again!

I had googled ‘true dungeon history” or something similar and it came up. I don’t think the search function here gets results over a year old.

The default on the search here is only results in the past year. But that is just the default, you can get search results from long long ago. Under "Search Options" change the "Find results from" dropdown.

I did not know that was there! Thanks.
Questing for 10th level!

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