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TOPIC: GHC Electronic Combat Table

GHC Electronic Combat Table 1 year 12 hours ago #37

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Matthew Hayward wrote: It's a bit of a shame that the discussion here is being dominated by prices.

Dungeon prices will go up, it's almost a given. They have gone up at Gen Con every year for what - the last 5 years (maybe there was one in there that didn't?)

It will be really sad if a neat advance either never comes to pass, or is poorly received because people believe it was the reason for an (likely inevitable) cost increase.

The main issue with cost is whether people think TD was 'worth it'. One of the common complaints of people who don't enjoy their first TD run is that combat was a 'cheesy barroom shuffleboard' system. Having a system like this seems a likely to increase the proportion of people leaving TD feeling it was 'worth it'.

Cost is a factor because TD is expensive. Until it isn't price is going to dominate a lot of the talks about the dungeon. There are other ways to cover the cost without increasing ticket costs. And even if there was not then cost of raising ticket prices HAS to be considered for every neat advance. There will be a breaking point at cost for players. It might not be $2 more but every increase we have had for the last 5 years has forced some players to stop playing. We have been fortunate that there have been people to fill in at Gen Con for the existing players exiting the game.

I swallowed the pill of $78 a ticket at Gen Con this year because I was willing to see what Jeff would do. I have seen what he has done the past 8 years and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If I hadn't had those 8 years of seeing the dungeon I would not spend $78 ticket. Some folks would and some folks won't. If we don't consider ticket pricing there will eventually be more won't that wills.
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GHC Electronic Combat Table 1 year 11 hours ago #38

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I've only been playing since 2010. I can say that that token prices have not gone up during that time. But I'm guessing token sales have increased substantially during that time. With talk of additional conventions floating out there token sales could increase even more.

Ticket prices have increased modestly most years. Dramatically this year. I fully expect a modest increase in 2019. Another dramatic increase would be unwelcome.

Volunteer stipends have not changed in the 6 years I have been volunteering. In fairness hotel costs have increased during that time. Badge costs have increased as well. So cost per volunteer has certainly increased.

Hall rental has probably increased. Freight costs as well.

So prices will go up. It's just a question of how much.
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GHC Electronic Combat Table 7 months 3 weeks ago #39

Really liked this board. Lots of potential for TD. Any chance we'll see this at Origins? Gen Con? Maybe with a return of Grind?
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GHC Electronic Combat Table 7 months 3 weeks ago #40

There is a ton of potential for grind.

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