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TOPIC: 2020 Fixed Price Auction (8k condensed)

2020 Fixed Price Auction (8k condensed) 6 days 13 hours ago #1

Well, Gencon may be cancelled, but as far as I'm concerned that just means I have more money ready to buy tokens with to support TD through these difficult times. I've tried to base prices off of this year's early barrage of auctions (I also ran things by Matthew Hayward before posting, so I'm not here trying to rain on anybody's parade. By the way, go bid on some more things there and move it past the finish line). As usual, tell me if any of my numbers seem waaaaay off- so if somehow I list 47 dragon orbs or something, you know my cat stepped on my keyboard in the middle of posting and I didn't realize it.

So, here are some basic rules:
-First come, first served with regards to any listed item.
-Simply message me the item and quantity that you want and it will be removed from the list. Prices shown are per item.
-End date is whenever everything is sold, though ideally before mid-June*.
-Target is ideally everything being sold, though if we hit around 90% or so I might call it a success at that point.
-Payment through PayPal via friends and family- after the auction is successful I will PM each person what they have purchased plus shipping, which is the amount that must arrive in my account after fees.
-If you wish to have insurance added beyond the default amount included in flat rate shipping, please let me know so I can tell you how much extra it would be.

I aim to ship within 1 week of receiving the tokens from True Dungeon, with the exception of the signed adventure modules which will ship out after they arrive. I apologize in advance for any delays in shipping times due to circumstances beyond any of our control.

Shipping on winning bids with destinations in the US:
◦$4 for 9 or fewer tokens/items
◦$8 for 10 -170 tokens(USPS small flat rate)
◦$14 for 171-1000 tokens(USPS medium flat rate)
◦$19 for 1000-1550 tokens (USPS large flat rate)
◦International shipping is at the actual cost of shipping.

Items remaining:

Orb of Dragonkind (1/1) - $450
Patron Lapel Pin/Origins access (0/1) - $50
Wish Ring (1/1) - $200
Hitchhiking Ghost: Shog (4/4) - $15
Lenses of the Owl (8/8) - $1
Adventurer's Guild Badge (4/4) - $5
Set of 2020 Adventure Modules (8/8) - $5
6th Tooth of Cavadar (8/8) - $40

2019/2020 PYPs (26/34) - $110

Bag of 240 Uncommons (8/8) - $100
Bag of 120 Rares (7/8) - $125

Alchemist's Ink (14/16) - $3.50
Alchemist's Parchment (18/24) - $4.50
Darkwood Plank (0/56) - $1.25
Dwarven Steel (54/64) - $3.25
Enchanter's Munition (0/8) - $2.00
Minotaur Hide (48/48) - $1.75
Mystic Silk (0/24) - $1.50
Philosopher's Stone (0/24) - $2.00
Potion of Condensed Healing (16/16) - $2.00
1,000 GP Reserve Bar (8/8) - $15.00

*This is pending a little more information about the Patron run. Ideally, I'd want there to be enough time for someone to be able to get their Patron code and get into the Patron run taking place virtually when Origins was originally supposed to take place more info here . Though, if things are moving too slowly to accommodate that, I might have to remove it from the list of items (no one would be asked to pay for it of course) and extend the deadline.

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2020 Fixed Price Auction (8k condensed) 6 days 12 hours ago #2

Much hype...much excite...much tokens

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