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TOPIC: Discount Lightning Auction 2020 $8k No.9 - 87% Funded

Discount Lightning Auction 2020 $8k No.9 - 87% Funded 1 week 2 days ago #1

Welcome to my Discount Lightning $8k Order Auction No. 9.

Announcing your pseudonym at end of auction now gets you a $3 discount on shipping.

By now you know the drill: Faster, Cheaper, and high Transparency. Details in Post #2.

How bidding works:
  • A bid on a set of identical items is recorded as: (Bidder, Max Bid, Quantity, Time of Bid)
  • A sorted list of all bids for an item is maintained sorted by descending Max Bid, ascending Time
  • Winning bidders are allocated items by going down the sorted list and allocating items up to desired Quantity until all items have been allocated
  • The winning bid amount is the Max Bid amount of the first bid to not have their whole requested quantity
    • All winning bidders pay the same amount

I'll update the currently leading bidders in this post, quantities, and the current bid price by pseudonym as new bids come in.

If you'd like to learn more, see the example below in the second post on this thread.

Threshold and Timelines:
  • The auction will end as soon as I process a bid that puts the total value at or over $7500, including the value of all items still at their reserve price.
  • PyP choices are due at the time of payment.
  • If the $7500 threshold is not met by July 1st the auction is not funded and will be cancelled.
  • Items will be mailed to you within 1 week after my receipt of them from True Adventures. Be forewarned that some items (like adventure modules) are sent out by True Adventures much later than others.

Shipping: Within the US: $8 per customer. Outside the US: Actual shipping cost. You may choose to announce your pseudonym after the auction in exchange for a $3 discount on shipping. If your total purchases in this auction exceeds $2000 I will cover your shipping for free.

Payment: Is via PayPal and due within 3 days of me notifying you of your won bid. The amount that reaches my PayPal account must be the sum of your won bids and shipping.

Current Bids:

$6530.83 of $7500 goal - 87.08% Funded

1000 GP Bar
Qty. 20 : Ice Knife - $13.25
Qty. 6 : Legend Lore - $13.25
Qty. 17 : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $13.25

2020 Complete Set of 3 Adventure Modules
Qty. 8 : RESERVE - $10.00

2020 ONYX C/UC/R Set
Qty. 1 : Gaseous Form - $75.00

2020 ONYX URs:
ONXY +1 Mighty Shortbow : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $75.00
ONXY +2 Flaming Blade : Negative Energy Flood - $45.00
ONXY Arcane Belt : Raise Dead - $90.00
ONXY Arcane Bracelets : RESERVE - $99.00
ONXY Arcane Earcuff : Call Lightning - $110.00
ONXY Bracers of Reckless Fury : Negative Energy Flood - $76.00
ONXY Charm of Brooching : Ice Knife - $99.00
ONXY Charm of Glory : Negative Energy Flood - $99.00
ONXY Cloak of the Elm : Gaseous Form - $76.00
ONXY Cook's Hat : Negative Energy Flood - $76.00
ONXY Ioun Stone Banshee Prism : Ice Knife - $80.00
ONXY Lenses of Agility : Legend Lore - $90.00
ONXY Lucky Light Mail : Knock - $86.00
ONXY Lucky Plate Armor : Knock - $76.00
ONXY Lucky Shield : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $70.00
ONXY Ring of Wonder : Knock - $86.00
ONXY Ring of the Drake : Negative Energy Flood - $100.00
ONXY Semi-Lich Skull : Gaseous Form - $85.00
ONXY Shirt of the Oaf : Earth Tremor - $99.00
ONXY Taborlin's Key : Call Lightning - $90.00

2020 or 2019 UR of Choice
Qty. 2 : Negative Energy Flood - $101.00
Qty. 6 : Bane - $101.00
Qty. 2 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $101.00
Qty. 2 : Dancing Lights - $101.00
Qty. 2 : Legend Lore - $101.00
Qty. 2 : Knock - $101.00

6th Tooth of Cavadar
Qty. 1 : Raise Dead - $30.00
Qty. 5 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $30.00
Qty. 2 : Gaseous Form - $30.00

Adventurer's Guild Buttons (e.g. bag check access)
Qty. 2 : Bane - $1.00
Qty. 2 : Knock - $1.00

Alchemist's Ink
Qty. 40 : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $2.50

Alchemist's Parchment
Qty. 55 : Gaseous Form - $5.00

Qty. 1 : Dancing Lights - $25.00
Qty. 6 : Maddening Darkness - $25.00
Qty. 3 : Legend Lore - $25.00
Qty. 2 : Ice Knife - $25.00

Darkwood Plank
Qty. 60 : Ice Knife - $1.00
Qty. 75 : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $1.00

Dwarven Steel
Qty. 10 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $3.00
Qty. 55 : Gaseous Form - $3.00

Elven Bismuth
Qty. 4 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $13.00
Qty. 10 : Gaseous Form - $13.00

Enchanter's Munition
Qty. 20 : Gaseous Form - $1.50

Hitchhiking Ghost: Shog
Qty. 4 : Jump - $7.00

Lenses of the Owl
Qty. 7 : Sacred Flame - $0.01
Qty. 1 : Raise Dead - $0.01

Minotaur Hide
Qty. 5 : Raise Dead - $1.50
Qty. 20 : Ice Knife - $1.50
Qty. 20 : Jump - $1.50

Mystic Silk
Qty. 80 : Ice Knife - $1.00
Qty. 20 : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $1.00

Oil of Enchantment
Qty. 4 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $13.00
Qty. 4 : Ice Knife - $13.00
Qty. 4 : Gaseous Form - $13.00

Orb of Dragonkind (Old)
Qty. 1 : RESERVE - $299.00

Patron Pin and Corresponding Origins Registration Code
Qty. 1 : Legend Lore - $25.00

Philosopher's Stone
Qty. 30 : Maddening Darkness - $1.25
Qty. 50 : Ice Knife - $1.25
Qty. 10 : Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Warning - $1.25

Potion Condensed Healing
Qty. 17 : Fabricate - $2.00

Wish Ring
Qty. 1 : Tasha's Hideous Laughtere - $200.00

The Fine Print:
See the next post for details on bidding and other corner case rules.

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Last edit: by Matthew Hayward.

Discount Lightning Auction 2020 $8k No.9 - 60% Funded 1 week 2 days ago #2

This auction is run a little differently than others have been run recently. I have made these changes to make things sell faster, and at a lower price than other auctions.

Faster: As soon as this auction hits the funding goal (for example $7,500) or more in value it is funded and bids are final. Other auctions typically run through some deadline, leading to sniping after the auction has reached its funding threshold and higher prices.


This auction will use a Multiunit auction bidding system. This ensures that every bidder pays the same, lowest price for identical won items. Other auctions typically are run in a way such that some winning bidders pay more than others for identical items.

No bid increments - in the auction system here you never pay more than the exact amount another bidder was willing to pay. Other auctions typically jump the second bid by some threshold amount ($1, $5?), resulting in winning bidders paying more than anyone else was willing to pay.

Transparency: While keeping bidder’s true identities secret with pseudonyms, at the end of the auction I’ll publish all the bids, so you can see how the bids stacked up.

In additional, I’ll offer discounted shipping to any winning bidders who choose to announce what their pseudonym was here in this thread.


1. Bids are set by the first bidder who doesn't get their desired quantity, rather than by the first bidder who gets nothing.

Bidding Example:

There are eight 6th Tooth of Cavadar available.

There are four bids placed:
#1 Alice bids $45 on 3
#2 Bob bids $45 on 2
#3 Cindy bids $39 on all 8
#4 Dave bids $35 on 4

We sort the bids in terms of descending max bid, breaking ties on earliest bid placed:
Alice, $45 on 3 (ahead of Bob because Alice bid first)
Bob, $45 on 2
Cindy, $39 on all 8
Dave, $35 on 4

Then we allocate the eight available items down our sorted list:
Alice is currently winning 3
Bob is currently winning 2
Cindy is currently winning 3 (out of her requested 8, but there are only 3 available after Alice and Bob, who bid more get theirs)
Dave isn’t winning any

Then we set the price for all winning bidders based on the first bid that is not getting it's entire desired quantity: that’s Cindy’s bid at $39.

So currently the winning bids are:
Bob, quantity 2 for $39
Alice, quantity 3 for $39
Cindy, quantity 3 for $39

Other auction systems would also allocate the eight winning items the same way, Bob gets 2, Alice gets 3, Cindy gets 3. However they might charge some of of Bob, Alice, and Cindy more than $39, and they might charge the three of them different amounts for identical items.

Detailed Bidding Rules:

1. I have placed RESERVE bids on some items at the start of the auction. These are the only bids I will place in this auction. RESERVE are implemented as 2 bids on the entire quantity available, at the reserve price.

2. In order to take over any bid, including RESERVE bids, you must bid higher than that bit. You won't pay more than the RESERVE price until you are competing with live bidders.

All bids submitted at the RESERVE price will be automatically updated to 1 cent more than the reserve.

Unlikely Scenarios:

I reserve the right to:
  • Deliver the '2019 or 2020 UR of Choice' selections on either gold or onyx backs.
  • Declare the auction successful / funded at less than the threshold treating all bids as final.
  • Pause or suspend the auction at any time for any reason.
  • Offer “second chance” options to losing bidders which they may accept or reject.
  • Reject or cancel individual bids for any reason before payment is made.
  • Cancel the auction entirely at any point prior to it being funded at the threshold.
  • Refund all payments made in full, and cancel the auction entirely, in the unlikely event that winning bidders back out and/or do not pay in a timely fashion after the bidding threshold is met and the auction concludes.
  • Update auction listings as True Adventures changes the listed components of an 8k purchase.
The list above is not comprehensive.

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Last edit: by Matthew Hayward.

Discount Lightning Auction 2020 $8k No.9 - 87% Funded 2 hours 50 minutes ago #3

NOTE: If this auction doesn't fund by July 1st I will need to close it early as I need time to collect payment, place the order and ship before Gen Con.

Updated winning bids for:

2020 ONYX UR Ring of Wonder
2020 or 2019 UR of Choice
6th Tooth of Cavadar
Alchemist's Parchment
Dwarven Steel
Elven Bismuth
Hitchhiking Ghost: Shog
Lenses of the Owl
Oil of Enchantment
Wish Ring

87% Funded

Plenty of deals left based on current bids of:
18 ONYX URs under $100
1000 GP Bar             13.25
2020 ONYX C/UC/R Set    75.00
Alchemist's Ink          2.50
Dwarven Steel            3.00
Minotaur Hide            1.50
Wish Ring              200.00

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