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TOPIC: Tokens for Sale

Tokens for Sale 4 years 7 months ago #1

I am quitting TD and selling all my tokens. Below is a complete list of what is for sale. Please message me if interested.

Dune Sword
Darkling Club
Creeper Bladex2
Drow Lt.Crossbowx2
Charm of the Miragex2
Charm of Cleansing
Ironleaf Armorx3
Ring of Quenchingx2
Ioun Stone Garnet Prismx2
Taskmaster's Gloves
Lenses of the Raiderx3
Serpent Skin Armor
Belt of Anchoringx3
Shoes of Sand Walkingx2
Boots of Lava Walkingx3
Small Drow Shield
Cloak of Blessed Silk
Hat of Shade
Cap of the Minerx2
Silver Heavy Mace
Tinkerer's Gloves
Hat of Readiness
Silver Quarterstaff
Blunder Horn
Silver Scimitar
Silver Battle Axe
Walking Stick
Dune Scimitar
Light Dune Javelin
Silver Heavy Mace
Drow Leather Armor
Drow Broadsword
Drow Raider Armor
Spiderweb Robe
Cowl of Darkness
Dune Stalker Shield
Blunder Pipe
Wand of Sparks
Scroll Ice Dartx2
Potion Wolfsbane Extract
Scroll Endure Elements
Scroll Color Spray
Scroll Force Orb
Scroll Blurx2
Masterwork Sling Bulletx3
Silver Blunder Slug
Masterwork Hand Crossbow Bolt
Masterwork Arrow
Drow Dartx4
Wand of Waves
Potion Detect Poison
Potion Spiderfoot
Potion Brawn
Wand of Snakebind
Potion Pure Oasis Water
Magnifying Glass
Vial of Ink
Outsider Feather
Stirge Spittle
Polymeric Decoy
Mortar & Pestle
Draco-Lich Claw
Silver Scorpion
25 GP Azurestone Geode
25 Gold Pieces
Ioun Stone Copper Cube
Cloak of Blessed Silk
Caster's Gloves
Robe of the Vale
Sandstorm Goggles
Traveler's Staff
Bracers of Resolve
Charm of Rampage
Sandstorm Cloak
Wicked Charm
Girdle of Dwarven Health
Ioun Stone Iridescent Sphere
Amulet of Soothing Waters
Blunder Cannonx2
Drow Commander Armorx2
Armor of the Smith
Armor of Grounding
Ring of Warningx2
Gloves of the Dark Gnome
Armor of the Mist
Girdle of Wealful Healthx2
Belt of the Vine
Belt of Freedom
Bracelets of the Tinkererx4
Necklace of Biting
Earcuff of Intellect
Ioun Stone Emerald Cube
Ioun Stone Emerald Pyramid
Bone Desert Mace
Bracers of Ricochet
Shield of Lava Spawn
Darkthorn Shield
Large Drow Shield
Shirt of Simplicityx2
Cap of the Owl
Silver Great Sword
Drow Blood Mace
Cloak of the Vale
Spirit Runestone
Pearl or the Planesx4
Pearl of Prayer
Wand of Pyrotechnicsx2
Wand of Spider Swarm
+1 Bolt
Universal Solvent
Dust of Appearance
Greater Mistletoe
Arrow of True Flight
Arrow of Venom
Scroll Rockhide
Potion Icy Bloodx2
Potion Vipron Wine
Scroll Cure Disease
Wand of Sirocco
5 Adamantine Cogs
Gold Ankh
60 GP Glowaura Crystal
Adamantine Hairspring
Alchemist Purse
Bezoar Stone Amulet
Ioun Stone Faceted Amberx3
Lenses of Fortune
Charm of Enlightenmentx2
Belt of Ogre Power
Crown of Charisma
Charm of Wealful Windx2
Earcuff of Understandingx2
Ring of Iron Will
Earcuff of the Wind
Boots of Free Action
Bracers of Fire
Drow Raider Necklace
Charm of the Lava Fiend
Shield of Refraction
+1 Bracers of Defense
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Shirt of Health
Goggles of Serpent Sight
+2 Cloak of Resistance
Ioun Stone Beryl Prism
Ioun Stone Ruby Rhombus
Ring of Fortitude
Hat of Intellect
Ring of Reflexes
Scroll Stoneskinx2
Scroll Acid Blast
Scroll Missilebanex2
Scroll Venom Strikex2
Potion Polymorph (Cobra)
Scroll Fire Absorption
Scroll Fury's Blessingx2
Potion Moon Veilx2
Figurine of Power: Scarab
Lamp of the Marid
200 GP Spider Brooch
200 GP Underduck of Doom
Ultra Rare
+2 Staff of Striking
Shirt of Shielding
Robe of the Arch Mage
+2 Staff of Focus
Earcuff of Energy
Amulet of Wonder
Charm of Spell Swapping
Potion Distilled Healing

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Re: Tokens for Sale-Sold Out 4 years 7 months ago #2

Everything has been sold. Thank you for the interest!

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