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TOPIC: Seras' Sutlery

Seras' Sutlery 9 years 2 months ago #1

Current Offerings:
+2 Hammer of Thunderbolts $120 x1
+2 Keen Scimitar $80 x1
Boots of Might $125 x1
Cloak of Destiny $120 x1
Girdle of Might $100 x1
Orb of Might $120 x1
Ring of Evasion $80 x1

Eel Skin Gloves $20 x4
Potion Distilled Healing $5 x2
Scythe of Reaping $5 x1

2015 Rares:
+1 Creeper Blade $2 x3
+1 Drow Blood Mace $2.25 x7
+1 Drow Blood Sword $2 x2
+1 Drow Darkspike $2 x5
+1 Drow Heavy Crossbow $2 x3
+1 Drow Lt. Crossbow $2 x3
Armor of the Efreeti $2.25 x5
Bolt of Deephold $2.25 x3
Boots of Drowkind $1.75 x3
Cloak of the Bat $1.75 x4
Dire Spider Hide Armor $2.25 x7
Drow Raider Necklace $2.75 x4
Gloves of Spell Negation $1.75 x2
Hand Crossbow Bolt of Idiocy $2.25 x4
Helm of Dark Visage $2.25 x7
Mighty Sling $2 x4
Monk’s Red Belt $1.75 x1
Moon Runestone 1.75 x7
Necklace of Natural Armor $2.50 x1
Ring of Fire Absorption $2.25 x4
Scroll Acid Burst $2 x2
Scroll Fire Absorption $1.25 x6
Scroll Fury’s Blessing $4 x3
Scroll Missilebane $1.25 x2
Shield of Refraction $2.25 x1
Sling Bullet of Ice $2.50 x3

2015 Uncommons:
+1 Bolt $1.10 x4
Bolt of Poison $1.10 x4
Boots of the Drow $1 x5
Bracers of Fire Deflection $1 x4
Cap of the Owl $1.25 x11
Charm of Sweet Air $1.25 x11
Cloak of Alarm $1 x8
Drow Blood Mace $1.10 x7
Drow Blood Sword $1.25 x4
Drow Commander Armor $1.10 x6
Drow Darkspike $1.25 x9
Drow Death Armor $1.10 x7
Drow Heavy Crossbow $1.10 x4
Drow Helm $1.10 x7
Drow Rations $1.50 x6
Drow Spear $1.10 x6
Drow Sting Armor $1.10 x4
Firebloom Geode $1.10 x4
Girdle of Wealful Health $1 x6
Gloves of the Dark Gnome $1 x5
Large Drow Shield $1.10 x6
Lute of Muting $1.10 x7
Necklace of Shadows $1.10 x8
Pearl of the Planes $1.10 x8
Potion Icy Blood $1 x6
Ring of Lone Justice $1.25 x7
Scroll Cure Lt. Wounds $1.50 x10
Scroll Rockhide $1 x2
Scroll Stone Rain $1 x6
Scroll Swirling Shadows $1 x4
Shield of Lava Spawn $1.10 x3
Shirt of Simplicity $1 x3
Shoes of Spiderfoot $1 x5
Universal Solvent $1 x7
Wand of Spider Swarm $1.25 x7

Older Rares:
+1 Bastard Sword $2.50 x1
+1 Bone Desert Mace $2 x2
+1 Cestus $2 x1
+1 Cutlass $2 x1
+1 Dagger of the Sun $2 x1
+1 Dune Raider Sword $2 x1
+1 Dwarven Battle Axe $2 x1
+1 Dwarven Dirk $2 x2
+1 Dwarven Glaive $2 x2
+1 Dwarven Heavy Crossbow $2 x1
+1 Dwarven Mace $2 x3
+1 Dwarven Short bow $2 x2
+1 Dwarven Stout Staff $2 x2
+1 Gnomish Throwing Hammer $3 x1
+1 Greater Scimitar $2 x1
+1 Iron Long Spear $2 x1
+1 Silver Bastard Sword $2.50 x2
+1 Silver Great Sword $2.50 x1
+1 Silver Heavy Mace $2.50 x1
+1 Silver Scimitar $2 x3
Amulet of Armor $2.25 x4
Amulet of Thorns $4.50 x1
Amulet of Warding $2.25 x1
Armor of the Lynx $2 x3
Belt of Ogre Power $6 x1
Belt of Retrieval $3 x4
Bezoar Stone Amulet $2.25 x1
Boots of Elvenkind $1.75 x2
Boots of Free Action $2.75 x3
Bracer of Smiting $2 x3
Bracers of Fire $10 x1
Captain’s Mug $2.75 x1
Chainmail of the Dunes $2 x1
Chainmail of the Vale $4 x1
Charm of the Urchin $1.75 x1
Cloak of Elvenkind $2.75 x1
Cloak of the Wind $3.75 x2
Crown of Charisma $2.25 x1
Dagger of Arcane Luck $2 x1
Darkrift Runestone $3.75 x1
Defender Set (Defender Helm, Defender Platemail, and Defender Shield) $20 x1
Double Barrel Blunder Cannon $2.25 x1
Dwarven Half Plate $2 x2
Earcuff of Salvation $2.75 x4
Earcuff of Understanding $2.50 x2
Eelskin Armor $2 x2
Figurine of Power: Scarab $3 x1
Gauntlets of Ogre Power $6.50 x6
Gloves of Healing $3.50 x2
Gloves of Repulsion $2.75 x1
Goggles of Seeing $3 x1
Hat of Intellect $2.75 x1
Heartwood Armor $3 x3
Heavy Repeating Crossbow $2 x1
Helmet of Fortitude $2.75 x3
Ioun Stone Emerald Prism $2 x1
Ioun Stone Iridescent Spindle $2.75 x1
Ioun Stone Topaz Sphere $3.75 x1
Lyre of Echoes $1.75 x2
Lyre of Lore $2.75 x1
Mage Robe of the Vale $2.75 x1
Oakskin Medallion $2.25 x5
Oil of the Tinkerer $1.75 x1
Oil of the Will O’ Wisp $2 x1
Platemail of the Depths $2 x1
Potion Hallowed Oasis Water $4 x1
Potion Leaping Attack $4.50 x2
Potion Moon Veil $2.75 x1
Potion Nymph’s Tears $3 x1
Potion Vale Draught $3 x1
Powered Plate Mail $3.25 x2
Ring of Brilliance $2.75 x1
Ring of Fire Resistance $7.50 x1
Ring of Fortitude $2.75 x2
Ring of Frost Resistance $2.75 x1
Ring of Intrusion $2.75 x2
Ring of Protection +1 $2.50 x1
Ring of the Deep $2.75 x1
Sacred Arrow $3.75 x3
Scroll Cure Moderate Wounds $4 x1
Scroll Frost Spear $2.75 x1
Scroll Lightning Strike $2.75 x1
Scroll Soothing Wind $4 x1
Scroll Soul Spear $1.75 x3
Scroll Stoneskin $2 x1
Scroll Urgent Health $7.50 x4
Scroll Venom Strike $1.50 x2
Serpent Watch Platemail $2 x1
Shadow Cloak $4.50 x3
Shark Tooth Armor $2 x1
Sharkskin Armor $2.50 x3
Shirt of Health $4.50 x1
Silverweave Shirt $3 x1
Specter’s Spectacles $1.75 x1
Sun Runestone $9 x3
Topaz Studded Armor $2 x1
Torc of Natural Armor $15 x1
Wand of Forcebolts $2.75 x3
Wand of Lightning Bolt $2.75 x1
Wand of Magic Missiles $4.75 x1
Wand of Tentacles $2.25 x1

Older Uncommons:
Abalone Armor $1 x1
Amulet of Soothing Waters $1.25 x1
Armor of the Smith $1.10 x2
Arror of Venom $1.10 x2
Belt of Freedom $1.10 x4
Bolt of Fire $1.50 x7
Bolt of Lightning $1.10 x1
Bone Desert Helm $1.10 x1
Boots of Anchoring $1 x2
Boots of Snow Walking $1 x1
Boots of the Vale $1.25 x1
Bracelets of the Tinkerer $1.10 x1
Bracers of Ricochet $1 x1
Claymore $1.25 x1
Dark Shield $1.25 x1
Darkmail $1.10 x3
Darkrift Arrow $1.25 x5
Darkthorn Armor $1.10 x3
Darkthorn Helmet $1.10 x1
Devil Crab Armor $1.25 x1
Dire Turtle Armor $1 x1
Divine Armor $1.10 x2
Dune Raider Sword $1 x3
Dwarven Glaive $1.25 x2
Dwarven Heavy Crossbow $1.10 x1
Dwarven Throwing Hammer $1.10 x3
Earcuff of Muting $1.25 x4
Faerie-Iron Warhammer $1.50 x2
Footman Set (Footman Cap, Footman Chainmail, and Footman Shield) $6 x5
Girdle of Dwarven Health $2 x1
Gnomish Throwing Hammer $1.75 x1
Greater Scimitar $1 x2
Hawk-Kin Armor $1.10 x2
Holy Lager $1 x1
Innkeeper’s Club $1.25 x1
Ioun Stone Emerald Cube $1 x1
Ioun Stone Emerald Pyramid $5 x3
Ioun Stone Iridescent Sphere $1 x1
Ioun Stone Mithral Pyramid $2.75 x1
Long Bow $1 x2
Masterwork Thieves’ Tools $1 x2
Minor Ring of Reflexes $1.25 x1
Minor Ring of Will $1.25 x2
Necklace of Biting $1.10 x1
Nixie Cloak $1.50 x1
Nixie Shield $1 x1
Oak Runestone $1.50 x8
Potion Dwarven Draught $4 x2
Potion Dwarven Pilsner $3.5 x8
Potion Feather Fall $1.25 x1
Potion Pelor’s Piety $6.50 x2
Reaper’s Pick $1.25 x1
Sacred Hand Grenade $1 x5
Sacred Sling Stone $1.50 x3
Sahuagin Blunt Lt. Crossbow $1.10 x1
Sahuagin Club $1.10 x1
Scorpion Chitin armor $1.10 x1
Scroll Bless $2 x1
Scroll Darkrift Darts $2.75 x4
Scroll Poison Arrow $1 x1
Scroll Shockbolt $1 x1
Scroll Siphon Spirit $2 x4
Scroll Speak with Dead $1 x4
Scroll Spike Growth $0.75 x2
Scroll Sunray $1 x8
Scroll Vanish $1 x1
Scythe $1.10 x1
Sea Elf Armor $1 x1
Sea Elf Shield $1.25 x2
Sea Elf Spear $1 x1
Shirt of Spiritward $1.25 x2
Shirt of Venomward $1 x2
Silkweave Shirt $1.25 x5
Silver Great Sword $1 x1
Silver Halberd $1 x1
Skull Helm $1.25 x2
Sling Bullet of Acid $1.25 x5
Trident $1 x1
Triton Helm $1.10 x1
Vile Armor $1 x1
Vipron Shield $1 x2
Wand of Illumination $1.10 x5
Wand of Pyrotechnics $1.25 x1
Wand of the Eel $1.10 x1
Wand of the Sirocco $1.10 x1
Wyvern Hide Armor $1 x1
Yeti Cloak $1.75 x1

Looking for:
Bowl of Spirit Sight
Crown of Might
Shield of the Scholar
Elven Bismuth

Stepping out of the lurkers after 3 years...
Buyer pays shipping for orders under $120. I prefer to ship Priority for U.S. orders (with tracking provided), so shipping is $5.75. I'm happy to accept Paypal, but I do not cover their transfer or international fees. If you'd like to pay with gold, are looking for platinum tokens, or have any other query, please PM me. Thanks for looking!

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Last edit: by Seras. Reason: Sold tokens are sold.

Re: Seras' Sutlery 9 years 2 months ago #2

Pm sent
You either discover a star or you don't. You arrogant punk.

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Re: Seras' Sutlery 9 years 2 months ago #3

PM Sent
"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view" - Obi Wan Kenobi

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Re: Seras' Sutlery 9 years 2 months ago #4

PM sent, tokens received, happy with transaction

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Re: Seras' Sutlery 9 years 1 month ago #5

PM Sent
"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our point of view" - Obi Wan Kenobi

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