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TOPIC: Reviews and feedback

Re: Reviews and feedback 9 years 9 months ago #241

I have to say that I had several very good True Dungeon runs this year. A shout out to Don for being an awesome coach (I'd do a shout out to my friend Mark Valetutto, but I was always running with him, so I wasn't coached by him). And a big shout out to Raven and Incognito for being absolutely awesome True Grind DMs. Grind is always a blast, and yay for Incognito going along with our Druid's Sharknado transformation so that we could see some shark on shark action!

The rest of the DM's were pretty awesome too. I always have fun in TD, but this was one of the best years. Even when one of the puzzles had some technical difficulties, we were still able to see it work. We got to take some noobs on a couple of runs, and they had tons of fun!

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Re: Reviews and feedback 9 years 9 months ago #242

Finally finished reading through this thread and now I don't remember all the things I wanted to comment on.

Timed Push Damage - I am with the group that doesn't like this. I have thought for a while now that moving away from binary push damage would be good. However, I always thought it should go the other way, partial success should reduce push damage. Granted this approach would be much harder on the DMs. Push damage only being able to reduce you to 1 HP on normal seems like a good idea to me.

Viper Puzzle 7 - Some means of getting this puzzle if you are lazy like my group and didn't memorize the symbols despite being told it was a good idea by a group member. If there was such a means the DM should be better about guiding us towards it. It doesn't have to be easy, possible aside from extreme luck would be nice.

Viper Puzzle 4? (Corridor) - A minor clue pointing groups towards the dots would have been nice. In a different thread someone suggested having the tiles with dots glow. That would have been amazing but a more subtle clue would have worked as well.

Viper 6 (Medusa) - Running with mostly Veterans it didn't come up but I agree that a single save or die is too harsh, esp. for normal. Even if the solution was a common token if you were in a all new group (or the sealed pack runs) you still likely wouldn't have enough.

I agree that DMs should know the solutions and be able to verify if something isn't working correctly. In the puzzle navigation room our DM passed us after we were able to prove at least one of the outer lights wasn't working.

This post is primarily pointing out the negatives. I had an amazing time though. Some quick positives.
-The Sands of Time and Puzzle Stabilizer rooms really stood out to me as amazing puzzles.
-Combat Stabilizer and the Sarcophagus really stood out to me for combat, mostly due to the unusual mechanics. It would have been nice to have some sort of representation of the stabilizer drone in the combat room though.
-The Zephyr Bridge was also a good hybrid puzzle/combat approach and the video screens were pretty awesome.
-I liked expanding on the idea of having the DMs move with the party through a few rooms.

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Re: Reviews and feedback 9 years 9 months ago #243

I thought the Lamp completion tokens we great!

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