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In 2013 our plans call for us to add an additional adventure to the event. There will be two consecutive adventure modules, and each module will have two variations of either a combat or puzzle orientation. The first module called “Lycans Afoot” tasks the party to travel through a dark forest in search of a tower, while the second module called “Golembane” challenges the party to reach the top of tower.
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TOPIC: Great Experience Golembane Combat Thursday

Great Experience Golembane Combat Thursday 10 years 6 months ago #1

I just got back from GenCon and wanted to say how great a time I had in my Golembane run Thursday night.

We had three members going back to '06, two newbies... and five slots for people who hadn't been able to show up for a variety of legit reasons. Kind of a rocky start :)

But the TD staff was able to find us three pinch-hitters for our slots and just in general made this one of our best years of True Dungeon yet. The guys filling in were all great, our old-timers got the experience they've learned to love, and our newbies were blown away by the dungeon, the NPCs, and the gameplay.

The DMs handled things admirably. The combat DMs kept things moving and the puzzle DMs hit just the right mix of broad hints without spoilers. The guys up front did a great job finding us fill-ins and getting everyone set up with the sliver of time we had left.

I also have to give a shout out to the NPCs. The constructs, quest NPC, and magman did great jobs, but the genie really shined. She sold the role of a bound genie; I actually felt bad when I thought we might kill her character during the fight. One of our newbies stopped the GM after combat to ask if she could compliment the genie on her job.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for another great year. Everything from the dungeon design to the customer service setting our vacant slots right was fantastic.


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