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In 2013 our plans call for us to add an additional adventure to the event. There will be two consecutive adventure modules, and each module will have two variations of either a combat or puzzle orientation. The first module called “Lycans Afoot” tasks the party to travel through a dark forest in search of a tower, while the second module called “Golembane” challenges the party to reach the top of tower.

TOPIC: Well...I'm back. New 2013 Event Details!

Re: Well...I'm back. New 2013 Event Details! 10 years 8 months ago #37

Does anyone know if there is a concession area available inside the TD hall like last year? I am hypoglycemic and need to eat every 2 hrs or so... I would prefer to do this during prep time (before the run) instead of during! (and I'm assuming no food is allowed in anyway)

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