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TOPIC: Help I'm NEW...Kinda

Help I'm NEW...Kinda 1 year 1 week ago #1

Hello Everyone,

I have played TD before (Maybe 3 times and I still feel like I'm new at all this) and I have over 400 coins but IDK what to do with them. I try to go through them to make characters or try to figure out which coins to trade but then I get overwhelmed. In the end I decided to make an excel of all the coins I have.

1. Is anyone free to help me make a general character for all the classes?
2. is anyone free to help me figure out what coins to trade in to get better coins?
3. Is anyone free to help me learn more about TD?

Please send me an email if your willing to help me

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you all so much :}

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Help I'm NEW...Kinda 1 year 1 week ago #2

As a starting point, there is a website that you can use to log what you own.


Instead of going through all 400 tokens, as a starting point I would ignore the Uncommon (green text) and Common (black text) for now. You can also ignore things like potions and scrolls when planning builds. If you have time after that feel free to add the rest of your Uncommon and Common gear.

From that site you can export to a CSV (excel file) and attach here for people to comment on.

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Help I'm NEW...Kinda 1 year 1 week ago #3

Welcome Chenise! Very glad you found your way here, as a lot of people are very happy to help :)

Having a database of your collection is a great first step! I'll send you an email later to go into more detail, but a few things to get you started:

- If you haven't found this already, check out the TD Character Creator website. It's an online interface where you can track and manage characters:

- I know you have your own Excel sheet, but there's also an online collection tracker. The advantage is you can filter your collection then by things like which class can use it, slot, etc. I'm happy to help translate your file into the format used by the site:

- A general character for all the classes is a bit challenging. In general, characters break down into three main types: melee damage focused (lots of strength and + melee damage focused), missile damage focused (lots of dexterity and missile damage), and spell casters (healers, spell damage, or both). There's a quirk in the game where "ranged" is a term that refers to both missile AND spell damage, so that's something to watch out for as well.

- To be clear about trading in for better gear, are you talking about trading to other players or the "transmute" system? If it's the latter, it's one of my favorite part of the games, but be aware that it can take a *lot* of stuff. That said, there are some really nice cheaper trade ins in recent years.

One final note: This forum is a bit older technology and doesn't have some more modern protections around email addresses. We occasionally get bots crawling through here. You may want to edit your post so that the email address is something like:
Violin4 *AT SYMBOL* sbcglobal PERIOD net just to prevent a bit of spam :)

Again, welcome and hope you have a great time!

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Help I'm NEW...Kinda 1 year 1 week ago #4

I echo the sentiments of the folks above. Their advice is excellent. 400 tokens is…an excellent starting place. Hehehe :)

My bit of advice would be to look first at the token layout mat that is given in the first coach’s room. Organize your tokens by the slot it fills: Head, eyes, neck, etc.
Then within that slot organize by rarity: ultra-rare (if you pulled any they are lettered in purple), rare (red), uncommon, etc. If this is all organized and every slot has a token in position, you’re in good shape already! PS: some tokens are ‘slotless’ and some are ‘consumable’, etc.

Now, take a look at a few ‘builds’, for example:
If you tried to build a character that maxed out melee hit (like a basic fighter) what would that look like?
This is strength and things that boost hit directly. In slots where you don’t have *anything* that helps that, just leave those empty for now. You can decide later to add defense (armor class, saves, etc) damage boosters or other effects.

If you tried to build a ‘Ranged’ character, what would that look like? Max out your dex and missile attack damage, then proceed as above.

Depending on what tokens you have, anything is possible. But, please know that there is a secondary market of trustworthy folks (please see the forums for references) who sell tokens. Many uncommon and rare tokens are extremely reasonably priced. There are many examples of $40-60 builds for classes that have appeared on the forums over the years. So, fear not! If you really want to play a certain class, but think you only have ‘half the tokens’ you need, a modest investment can be the beginning of a grand adventure.

Finally, feel free to put a basic build up here (or in any of the class forums you think the build would apply) and we can give you friendly feedback and suggestions.

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Help I'm NEW...Kinda 1 year 1 week ago #5

Welcome to getting more involved with TD! In addition to the excellent advice above, I wanted to mention that there is a character-building app (IOS and Android) as well. It is called TD Character Generator. It works much the same way as the web page character creator. (There are “slots” that you can fill with appropriate tokens that you own. What’s nice is that either of them will show you how your stats change if you swap one token for another. You don’t have to do the math in your head, unless you want to.)

Both are good, some players prefer one over the other, some players use both for different purposes. I like the app because once you download it, you don’t need an internet connection (except to update it from time to time when new tokens come out or there’s a new virtual adventure).

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