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TOPIC: Obsolete Ultra Rares

Obsolete Ultra Rares 11 months 2 weeks ago #25

Correct, monster bits don't expire. Some of the older ones are sought by collectors. And Golden Fleece is always useful for recipes, so any monster bits have a use.
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Obsolete Ultra Rares 11 months 2 weeks ago #26

Getting back to the original poster's point, yes, a bunch of URs have been obsoleted and it would be good for them to have new life.

Rather than turning in for something though, what I'd like to see are a wider range of goals in dungeons. Currently, damage output is the prime consideration. Offense acts as defense by reducing number of rounds monsters can do things. Plus, you can't beat monsters without murdering their souls.

I'd rather see some combat situations where things like surviving are all that's needed to achieve victory, in particular in a rm7 situation. Sure, there are two problems with this depending upon how the survival mechanic works. If just base on time and not rounds, then players can stall. If base on number of rounds survived, players just stop attacking and end up not doing the things they oft like to do, like sliding. While hedgehog play is about enduring until inevitable victory, that style of play is not going to appeal to everyone.

There could also be alternative goals besides survival or damage output. Number of hits versus how much damage those hits do. This is something I've seen with RPG play where it becomes tiresome that combat is dominated by highest damage dealers as hitting three times for small damage was vastly inferior to hitting once for a lot of damage. Or, have very different types of monsters in a multimonster room, where like one can be fended off in a non-damage dealing way.

Of course, now making combats more complex, and I've found complex combats are routinely less fun than ones that simply encouraged a particular strategy beyond business as usual.

All of this is to try to make more tokens worthwhile, but that may just be impossible in various cases. Wrist transmutes just wrecked an interesting slot by giving just strictly better options. That only gets solved by things like limiting rarity, and that won't fly. Of course, not everyone has every token, but there's a lot of folks playing one rarity level of the game (pack level) and significant number of highly invested players playing at a level where UR is a floor, relics are ubiquitous, and legendaries/Eldritch/Arcanum are routine.

Good tokens squeeze out bad.

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Obsolete Ultra Rares 11 months 1 week ago #27

i have thought about this a whole bunch. here is a couple of thoughts:

1. if the UR is a token that you used in the past and no longer use, i'm sure it is part of some stories that you might share with the rest of us. it has thus became an heirloom.
2. perhaps they would make good loner tokens in a PUG or you could hand them out to new players. it would foster good will for the community.
3. they could be used like i use the rumor tokens. i hand them out to folks who haven't heard of TD, but are really interested. they throw it in their pocket and later it reminds them to look it up for more details.

sorry if any of this was already said.
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