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TOPIC: What's your price point?

What's your price point? 2 months 3 weeks ago #13

I see it this way, it's expensive, but it's supporting something I love and the money directly contributes to futureTD events. I see it as sort of a donation to having future fun, much different than any other game as that money isn't really supporting future growth as directly as with TD. The nice part about tokens is I may be able to recover some of it later if needed by someone else who is donating to future fun.

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What's your price point? 2 months 3 weeks ago #14

I keep a spreadsheet of everything and it’s all marked to market based on last 20 auctions average price of trade items

For legendary…anything over 1200 needs to prove its worth based on demand.

For everything else it’s about average sale prices of things seen

For rationale…as mentioned earlier, there is a buyer so it’s some fraction off of current list and that is the true cost to have the tokens as the resale value is there if you keep tracking.

I spend $1000 a night on a cruise ship and never will get that back except the memory. The tokens give me memories and still have some resale value even after it’s use

Now for treasure enhancers…pretty simple…

If the cost of a convention (travel food tickets and lodging) is about 400/day…and assume I can get a decent three runs a day for two days…

The cost per pull…no enhancers is 400/3 /3…$40…

To justify the TE price, it’s a measure of using that TE for the entire day…ultimately that makes a 2 pull TE worth about $240…of course owning the token means it’s capital cost reduces dramatically the more it’s used…and VTD…well that makes the math awesome

Anyway. That is my approach to justify the 3 foot tall safe in my office there for JUST the tokens of our group

My colleagues at my firm think I am nuts…maybe so, but I am sure they do something I don’t and spend just as much (booze comes to mind)


Am on Discord as AureliusBP if you want realtime chat.

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