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TOPIC: Lending tokens

Lending tokens 3 years 23 hours ago #37

Druegar wrote:
Side Note (Warning, incoming rant): I'm delighted that some vets have equipment they're willing to lend out. As long as all participants in the lending transaction are amenable with the loan, more power to you. However, please do this BEFORE the coach has started to record their stats. This also means you need to be on time. (read: arrive before your official start time!) It is absolutely infuriating when Santa waltzes into the coaching room 15 minutes late with a sack full of high-level toys to distribute. Do not do this to your coach. (I don't care if your stats are prerecorded, this is still highly disruptive*) Do not do this to your party because your party will be late going into training. YOU may know how to slide a 20 every time and have all the memorization tests down pat, but newbies aren't you. Don't deprive them of the opportunity to practice because you can't bear to run with people using "sub-optimal" equipment. If they have a +5 weapon but can't slide for crap because they never got the chance to practice, you're not doing anyone a favor.
Thank you for reading my rant. :)

*I'm not talking about folks who prearranged their own individual late arrival by getting their wristband ahead of time, has pregen'd stats, and well-organized tokens to present for verification.

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Your coaches really appreciate your not loaning tokens as they are trying to record (which happens fairly frequently) and especially after someone is already recorded.

Thank you
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Lending tokens 3 years 10 hours ago #38

This is why I have per-generated party cards with all the classes. This allows me to only loan the weapon for a person to use. It is easy to track one token vs 50. Also, I have only loaned one token to someone that I was not on the run with, close personal friend!
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