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TOPIC: Monster Trophy Transmute and Kilt Transmute

Monster Trophy Transmute and Kilt Transmute 1 year 10 months ago #73

jedibcg wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:

jedibcg wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:

Picc wrote:

Rob F wrote:
Edit: And it will also give you the four set bonus....whatever that will be.

If there is a 4 piece, all we know for sure at this point is that we dont know

I'm fairly certain it's been announced there will be no 4 piece bonus, but there will be a 5 piece bonus.

i am fairly certain you are wrong about that.
Jeff said someday there would be a fourth set bonus. i cannot find him saying anything about a fifth.

You're right!

I got mixed up - I remember Jeff's announcement surprised me - the surprise was that we'll have 4 eldritch pieces in 2019 and 2020, but no 4 piece bonus until the Teeth come out in 2021.

i don’t think the kilt was an idea at the time.

OK - now I am genuinely confused.

This is all as I recall it, which could be wrong, but the key points are:

1. In the last 2 years, Jeff sketched out the remaining eldritch transmutes of the Kilt and the Teeth. This means what I'm recalling is not the ancient 6 year old exploratory thread about Eldritch pieces.

2. In that announcement, I was surprised by the fact that we'd have access to 4 Eldritch peices for a whole season or two before we got access to a set bonus for 4 pieces.

3. I know I responded to this thread with a comment.

I can't find my response, or Jeff's comment - which makes me think it was posted during token design 2018 and since deleted.

Does anyone else recall anything like that?

Even if my memory is flawed here, I don't think Jeff's exploratory comments from 6 years ago before the Kilt was conceived can provide us a good map of where we're going. If they did, we're already way off that map, because in that comment there was Ring, Rod, 2013-16 item (the Boots), and a 7 year item (Teeth) - the Kilt is a new thing which obviously indicates plans have changed.

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Monster Trophy Transmute and Kilt Transmute 1 year 10 months ago #74

I do recall discussion of the possibility of there being 4 eldritch items, but not a 4 piece set power, until the teeth were finished.
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