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TOPIC: Crowdsourcing idea: Homemade Newbie lending packs

Crowdsourcing idea: Homemade Newbie lending packs 4 years 11 months ago #1

So I normally pug my runs and as such often find myself gearing up new people. This often results in me carrying an inconvenient amount of tokens into the coaching room, and some of my tokens walking.

I've been considering for awhile now to create a newbie loaning pack, 1 for each class, I can drop off to give them a booster shot with less of the scramble to find things mind set. I wanted to reach out to the community to get good ideas what to include (and see if anyone wants to bulk sell)

Right now I"m thinking mostly common/uncommon to help my budget and if they are new we are probably running normal anyway(and less trouble if they walk away). Armor, Melee, and Ranged weapons at least. Thinking melee classes I could get Faebane Girdle and Gloves with Iron weapons for a cheap, solid boost. Maybe some of the minor save rings could work for some classes. Shirts of linked healing might be my best bet as well. Not as sure what to give monk and casters as much.

Any thoughts?
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Crowdsourcing idea: Homemade Newbie lending packs 4 years 11 months ago #2

That would be very generous of you. Awesome idea. I also have to use PUGs. Last year I ended up in a Nightmare group. I thought for sure that we would all be dead by the end of the 3rd room but three of our number were elite players in every sense of the word. They had a Charm of Synergy for all 7 of us (yup.. not even a full group) and loaned the Barbarian player a +5 Deathcleaver! I had serious doubts but the party leader assured me that all would be good. He was playing a Dwarf Fighter and guaranteed that none of us would die. The other elite players played a Paladin and a Cleric. Their gear was totally outrageous! Each one of them had at least 5 orange tokens! True to their word, no one died. It was impressive to say the least.

Now... in my party this year, only three of us were veterans. The other 7 players had just started this year. Three of them had done one other run and four had no idea what to expect. All three of us veterans donated almost all of our booster packs to the new players (we kept out GP tokens but donated the rest).

A CoS would be cool (assuming you're rich) for each party member. Otherwise, I would just donate about 20 or so tokens to the NPTP (New Player Token Pool). That way, you don't have to worry about new players walking off with tokens that cost a fortune.

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