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TOPIC: E bay seller ???

E bay seller ??? 4 years 11 months ago #109

valetutto wrote:

jedibcg wrote:

Donald Rients wrote:

jedibcg wrote: I dunno if you are able to beat a puzzle by using token X and therefore avoiding potential damage doesn't TD move in a direction of pay to advance? Maybe folks are okay with that, and honestly I guess I don't care because it would not affect how I play.

Did you ever play DnD and decide that your equipment was too good for the adventure and decide not to use it? Personally, I hope that token X can help me out when and where needed. To me, that is a natural part of the game.

Never played DnD. Equipment though for DnD is not purchased with real world money. It is eawarm in game.

That's not entirely true. There are loads of players out there that buy their DMs new books or modules so that their characters will benefit, either through getting in game equipment or unlocking/accessing new more powerful abilities. So yes real world money does come into play on the power level of the character to some degree for some groups.

Then there are the DMs that allow the players to bribe them with real world things like cookies and soda, if you can believe that. LOL

So yes there are ways even in DnD to turn real world money into in game fortune.

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