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TOPIC: Selling vs. Auction vs. What?

Selling vs. Auction vs. What? 3 years 11 months ago #25

Matthew Hayward wrote:

Brad Mortensen wrote:

Matthew Hayward wrote:

Brad Mortensen wrote: Some quibbles:

Commons - every common is worth at least 15 cents if mulched into a trade token.

Is that an offer to buy arbitrary trade goods at $3.74 I hear?

If not then not every common is worth at least 15 cents.

You're right that 5 cents is too low. Maybe 10 is better.

The average "cheap" trade good in your thread is 4.30-ish. What am I missing? Or were you saying those numbers were your offers to buy at those prices? If so, I'm not saying 5 cents is unreasonable, considering.

Either way, I shouldn't have said "every" common token. I should have said "average."

The prices on my thread are offers to sell. The advice on this thread relates to soliciting an offer to buy.

The asking price of any good typically exceeds the offer price (otherwise there is an arbitrage opportunity to get something for nothing).

I've got offers to sell on my trade thread for Alchemist's Ink, Darkwood Plank, and Philosopher's stone that are all below $3.75 - and people aren't buying them.

Therefore I can conclude that 15 cents per common for the purposes of transmutation is not a reasonable expectation for what someone would offer on to buy an arbitrary common.

I attempted to drive this point home by observing that no one is probably willing to buy arbitrary trade goods at $3.74 each. If anyone would, PM me, I've got bunches I'll sell at that price.

Here are some recent ebay auctions:
Alchemist's Ink - 9.4 cents per common http://www.ebay.com/itm/True-Dungeon-3x-Alchemists-Ink-Token-/291788821624?rd=1

Alchemist's Parchment - 14.7 cents per common http://www.ebay.com/itm/True-Dungeon-3x-Alchemists-Parchment-Token-/291788821310?rd=1

Darkwood Plank - 11.3 cents per common http://www.ebay.com/itm/True-Dungeon-3x-Darkwood-Plank-Token-/291788821381?rd=1

Minotaur Hide - 12 cents per common http://www.ebay.com/itm/True-Dungeon-3x-Minotaur-Hide-Token-/291788821575?rd=1

Philosopher's Stone - 14 cents per common http://www.ebay.com/itm/True-Dungeon-3x-Philosophers-Stone-Token-/291788821411?rd=1

Your points are valid, but have nothing to do with what I was saying.

And the point I was trying to make is that price isn't a single number. If you want to sell retail over a period of time, it's higher. If you want to sell wholesale faster to a reseller, it's less.

If your numbers were buy offers, I missed that (especially with 50 cents per uncommon - that's right at $4 per cheap trade good) and wasn't commenting on the fairness of your offer. I was talking "top price" for selling as a retailer. Naturally any reseller would offer less.
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