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TOPIC: Horn of Plenty and other such OOP tokens

Re: Horn of Plenty and other such OOP tokens 9 years 10 months ago #109

Brad Mortensen wrote: How about this "modest proposal," modeled after the progressive income tax? When you get your treasure chips, they come in three colors: your first three are plat, the next ten gold, and all the rest are black. Each lets you draw from a different box.

The gold box has the same mix as today. The plat box is the same, except most uncommons are replaced with rares. The black box is nothing but commons and some trophies.

New players now get a big boost, those at the current max draw see little difference, and now the max can go into the hundreds without affecting the economy, or anyone else, very much.

Multiple treasure boxes are problematic, as the Treasure Map boxes showed. The Treasure Map boxes were a lesser mix with lots of commons (some neat stuff too, although I didn't get any of those). You were only supposed to be able to draw from the Treasure Map boxes with treasure map tokens, but there were numerous reports of people mistakenly getting to draw from the regular treasure boxes with the treasure maps. And 10 draws from the regular boxes for one Treasure Map coin was VERY generous!

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