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TOPIC: Forming Guild of Token Traders

Re: Forming Guild of Token Traders 9 years 2 weeks ago #109

A few replies, since I'm catching up...
1. We should *ONLY* list prices in GP, to prevent any possibility of trouble with GenCon.
2. We should list the relative rarity of tokens (1/10, 2/10, 7/10, 1/1000), so that new folks can have an idea of how much they would have to spend to be able to get the tokens by chance
3. Trade poaching sucks. Let's simply agree not to do it.
4. Please not sashes. I think my shoulders are full enough. A shirt or button would be cool though.
5. Ranges of GP are definitely appropriate for a token price guide.
6. I think this guild should be focused on token trading at GenCon, and that any transactions outside of GenCon or in cash are not relevant for the purposes of defining the group.
You can find more info on individual tokens at www.tokendb.com/

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