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TOPIC: Unreachable Forum pages

Unreachable Forum pages 9 years 6 months ago #1

I thought I had seen a discussion on this issue before but now I can't find it. Occasionally a forum page will decide it doesn't want to be seen. Any attempt to load that page (clicking directly on a number, clicking the Latest Post link from the main forum page, etc) will instead load the previous page. I don't recall this issue ever resolving itself, once a page decides it doesn't want to be seen it will forever be in that state no matter how many other posts are added to the thread. Later pages are generally unaffected though I think I do remember a longer thread with 2 separate pages that wouldn't load.

I can read the posts contained on that page by manipulating the start and limit fields in the url. There does seem to be some picky behavior about exactly how those work though, haven't taken the time to figure out exactly what the restrictions are.

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Re: Unreachable Forum pages 9 years 6 months ago #2

I have this happen all the time. I really don't know what causes it an would love to hear a good solution.

What usually works for me is to modify the URL. For example, if this page tries to load:

truedungeon.com/forum?func=view&catid=585&id=212142&limit=12&start= 84

But then it goes back to this page:

truedungeon.com/forum?func=view&catid=585&id=212142&limit=12&start= 72

In every case I manually add 10 (instead of 12) to the start counter, so this URL will work when the correct one doesn't:

truedungeon.com/forum?func=view&catid=585&id=212142&limit=12&start= 82
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