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TOPIC: Tokens for 1st time players

Tokens for 1st time players 2 months 1 week ago #25

First of all thanks to everyone for their feedback and experience with this topic.

My original plan.
- tube of rare/uncommon tokens for each slot and pass around the room so everyone was fully equipped.

Realized from feedback that this could very complicated for newer players and may ruin the experience, also an annoyance for coaches if arrival was late. Aka Bad idea.

Current plan.
-Rare weapons.... Melee and ranged. Couple armor tokens to fill in the "I don't have good armor" some Hp boost totem paints, spare rare +1 TE that I have. Maybe a enough condition tokens for everyone; if one person realizes its effect to be beneficial to remind everyone else. Also some Healing potions for everyone for the HSWAAGD moments.

Let it be known that tokens are not loaners and can be kept. (Again talking about tokens from 2019/18 sets so nothing extreme)

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Tokens for 1st time players 2 months 1 week ago #26

As others have said, it is important not to be pushy so that you don’t rob folks of the glory that comes from surviving on one’s own resources and wits, if that is their choice. It is admittedly a hard balance, though, especially when we want run on HC or NM for the XP. (Easier once we have gotten the xp.)

Here are a couple of our approaches:

1. Try to be the first in the room.

2. As people arrive and get situated, tell them that our chief goal is for everyone to have a blast. And if they think they might have more fun borrowing tokens, they need only ask. We can provide as much or as little help as they want.

3. We are lucky to have a full set of ten synergy charms and always offer them to the group, and the group always takes the extra HP (I just show the coach the tokens). For me, this is the very best thing for new players because it makes them a little less worried about survival without being too pushy or intrusive with their builds. (Fortunately, we’ve never had a new player die on us, even on HC, except on the rainbow bridge.)

4. If the rogue is new, I always offer to lend rogue box tokens and teach them to practice in the training room, but if they fail, first use thieves tools, then use FOP: Raven, then use Rod of Persuasion and ask for healing. And use Libram to both treat themselves and help the party. Amazing how having these tokens in one’s pocket improves rogue confidence. These tokens almost never even get used!

5. Levels are trickier. This year with the Eldritch bonus, we now have enough rings and charms of heroism to level up the whole party, but I have found that offering levels can be a little more intimidating to new players who are often freaked out enough about managing the Level 4 card. I generally try to read the room and see if it looks like someone might get a kick out of level 5.

6. In some circumstances, instead of lending tokens to lift up the party, we nerf our own builds or play style to the level of the party and try to make sure that everyone has the chance to feel like they contributed. (Admittedly, this is way easier when we are doing a repeat run of a dungeon.)

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