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TOPIC: Polymorph Needs a Rework!

Polymorph Needs a Rework! 11 months 3 weeks ago #25

Just two points to make.

I can put a wizard together that does +36 damage for straight melee. So what. I don't like these max damage builds, because most players can't come close to that build and probably don't want to. Part of the Druid class responsibilities is healing. In order to do the max damage, you have to give up on the spell benefits. I prefer more realistic builds if you want to do comparisons. For example, limit builds to all Rares, except for 2 Ultra Rares, that do not have to be in the same slots for both classes.

Second point, the Spell Surge only doubles the base damage. From the Players Guide:

"Spell Surge
Once per game, a druid may evoke a spell surge, which doubles the effect of any one damage or healing spell (not a scroll or magic item) cast by the druid. Only damage-inflicting or HP-restoring spells can be surged.
Spell surge only doubles base damage of the spell, including the skill check bonus, but nothing else."

That's the way it has been run in all my runs.

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