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TOPIC: Completion Token Transmute?

Completion Token Transmute? 6 months 3 days ago #85

Druegar wrote:

Rob F wrote: How come my character can lug a Coffer, Scepter, Lamps, Jars, Horns, etc. along in the dungeon but only wear two rings? Or weave only one tiny Bead into his hair/beard? Makes no sense.

My first answer can be expressed in four words. To learn what those four words are, read/watch this .

Past editions of D&D (3rd?) gave an in-game reason why, for example, you couldn't wear more than two rings--one on each hand. If you absolutely need an explanation, that would be a good research project for you. If that's not something you're interested in doing, see previous paragraph and the post it references.

Current d&d limits you to about 3 real magical items, I suppose they could all be rings, but you wouldn't have some wands, or armor, or a shiny sword either. I think slots can be fine, they scope a problem for both player and designer.
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