Onyx & Wish Ultra Rare Value Pack

$8,000.00 USD
Onyx Set Selection

$8K "Onyx Set" Order Option

Option #1:   Common-Rare Onyx Set     
In addition to the 960 10-packs of tokens, you will receive all of the following:
  • (32) 2017 or 2016 Ultra Rare tokens of your choice
  • 9 random 2017 Ultra Rare somewhere in your order
  • (Also, there is a 60% chance an ADDITIONAL tenth random Ultra Rare token will appear in your order!)
  • Eight (8) "3rd Tooth of Cavadar” Ultra Rare tokens - 3rd part of a 7-year story arc Transmuted token! (shipped with your order)
  • Eight (8) signed copies of BOTH modules after the event is over in November, 2017
  • A proof set of Onyx tokens of the 2017 Common, Uncommon and Rare (but no Ultra Rare) shipped with your order in February.
  • One (1) über-rare Wish Ring token.
  • One (1) über-rare Orb of Dragonkind (Wyrmkin) token.
  • One (1) über-rare Patron Lapel Pin which will allow you to enjoy the TD Patron events at True Dungeon Celebration as well as early access to event tickets. More info HERE
  • Four (4) Limited-edition “Adventurers’ Guild” entrance buttons which give you access to the exclusive “Adventurers’ Guild” bag check service at Gen Con and Gamehole Con.  You can leave one item at the Bag Check for free with each AG button.  No other players will have access to this service.    
  • FOUR (4) Limited-edition “Adventurers’ Guild” tokens.  The tokens can be turned in at Gen Con 2017 for a Treasure Chip or Limited-edition Rare token only available in Treasure Generators.
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Option #2:   Common-Ultra Rare Onyx Set (OUT OF STOCK - Only Available before Jan/ 15th, 2017)  
As above in Option #1 except the first line is changed from “32 Ultra Rare tokens of your choice” to “16 2017 or 2016 Ultra Rare tokens of your choice”.  However, you will ALSO receive a complete set of the 20 different 2017 Onyx UR tokens along with your order when it is shipped in February.  Your choice of the 16 Ultra Rare tokens (with Gold backs) will be sent with your normal order.   
Note: if the program forces you to select all 32 URs, please select the 16 URs you want, and then 16 of one other kind. We will know that you don’t want the 16 tokens on one kind.
Condensed Packs: Please see the 2017 Token Collection page regarding Condensed Packs.  They are a great way to reduce the amount of work it takes to process an $8K order.