Upcoming Events

For many years True Dungeon was only presented once a year at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. In recent years, we have expanded our locations to include conventions scattered around the country and calendar.

Our adventure season always starts at the grand-daddy of them all - Gen Con. At that show, we premiere two brand new adventures -- and each adventure is presented in two variations: 1) combat-oriented 2) puzzle-oriented. Both of these two variations of an adventure share five common adventure rooms, but each also have two unique rooms catered to their combat or puzzle oriented theme. We do this to allow our players (who have an adventuring style preference) a chance to play more adventure rooms that they might better enjoy.

After Gen Con we visit other conventions throughout the year, and at most of these "cons" we present the same four adventures we premiered at the earlier Gen Con. Sometimes we swap in a brand new room or two in an adventure to make it more fun for gamers who may have played that adventure before at an earlier con. Be sure to check the individual con descriptions for more details.  You will find links to them in the upper-right of this page.

The adventure season ends at Origins Game Fair with a big "grand finale" where we not only present the four adventures from Gen Con, but we also present a never-seen-before full adventure that is comprised of fan-favorite rooms from TD's past. And for our token collectors, we offer special events (like a full adventure) that only they get to experience.

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