Origins Game Fair


Tickets go on sale at Noon Central on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. 

Patrons will get early access at Noon Central on Friday, April 20th, and Adventurers' Guild members can buy tickets at Noon Central on Saturday, April 21st, 2018.  You can obtain "Patron" or "Adventurers' Guild" status by supporting True Dungeon with certain purchases of Treasure Tokens at the TD Store.

You must have bought a badge at the Origins website HERE before these dates to get authorization to buy tickets.  One person can buy all 10 tickets in a slot if they wish.  

The adventure season ends at Origins Game Fair with a big "grand finale" where we not only present the four adventures from Gen Con, but we also present a never-seen-before full adventure that is comprised of fan-favorite rooms from TD's past.  And for our token collectors, we offer special events (like a full adventure) that only they get to experience.


Origins (June 13th-17th, 2018)  

The Extra-Fun Conclusion to the 2017-2018 Adventuring Season  

We will be presenting ALL four adventures from Gen Con (both combat & puzzle versions of "The Moongate Maze" and "Dancing Among Stones") at Origins – but each will have a new room not seen at Gen Con swapped into the adventure.  Also, we have swapped out the four Participation Tokens from Gen Con with four brand new ones for Origins!  These Participation Tokens are given to every player at the end of their adventure as a thank you and a souvenir for their adventure.  See below.

We are very excited to be working with best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) at Origins to present two adventures based in his literary world.  One adventure ("The Moongate Maze") takes place inside the Fae where you will meet a character from Pat's world, and the second adventure ("Dancing Among Stones") is presented near the Waystone Inn where again you will meet someone from his books.  For the most fun, play both adventures!


We will also be premiering a new “best of” two-hour adventure (“Astral Journey to the Bliss”) that will serve as a “bridge” adventure from the modules presented during the 2017-18 adventure season to the brand-new adventures premiering at Gen Con 2018 seven weeks later.  XP is not available, but there will be two new Participation Tokens (Uncommon and Rare) for this adventure.

Additionally, True Horde will return, but this time the multiple teams of 10 players will go up against an even more fearsome foe -- The Lorigorgon! 

The Participation Tokens for Origins 2018 are shown below.  If for some reason we run out of the Rare Participation Tokens, we will substitute a 3x Treasure Chip (but there should be plenty!)

Tickets for the general public will go on sale at Noon Central on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, but Adventurers’ Guild members will be able to buy a limited amount of tickets the day before – on Saturday.  Patron members will get first crack at all tickets as they will be able to buy tickets on Friday

Start times for the different adventures will be staggered during the day, so all volunteers will have a chance to play a two-hour adventure while off-duty.  Only full-time volunteers with volunteer badges will have access to purchase these certain tickets (about 10% of total tickets) for each adventure.  These special tickets will revert to being purchasable by anyone two weeks before event start.

Token Transmuting Desk:  To save time and hassle with transmuting your 2018 tokens, we are offering a location where you can drop off tokens to be transmuted.  You can pick them up later at your convenience.  This is a great way to do multiple transmutations at no cost to you – in a short amount of time.  This service is open to any token collector.

This should make for an amazingly fun weekend – but it gets even better when we talk about exclusive Patron and Adventurers' Guild benefits.

Patrons-Only Exclusive Fun

There will be a special "best of" two-hour TD adventure called "Into the Shadowlands" that only Patrons can play.  We won’t be rained-out this time (unlike True Dungeon Celebration 2017), and it will have a unique Participation token only for our Patrons.   UPDATE!  All adventures will be DM'ed by TD Creator Jeff Martin, and he will guide each party, from room to room, through their adventure.  

Patrons and Adventurers' Guild Members-Only Exclusive Fun

There will be special runs set aside for Adventurers’ Guild and Patrons that will feature a bonus 8th room in the new “best-of” bridge adventure (“Astral Journey to the Bliss”).  It should be a fun and unique room!

And again, both AG and Patron members will get first crack at tickets before anyone else.

A big thanks to all Patrons and AG members whose year-round funding makes True Dungeon better for all players. 

Special Events

See below under Special Events for some cool things happening at Origins for TD players.


Schedule of Events <Updated!


The Moongate Maze

Thursday - Noon to 9:36pm*
Friday - 9:00am to 6:36pm
Saturday - 9:00 to 6:36pm


Dancing Among Stones

Thursday - 9:00am to 6:36pm
Friday - Noon to 9:36pm*
Saturday - 9:00 to 6:36pm



Astral Journey to the Bliss

Thursday - Noon to 9:36pm*
Friday - Noon to 9:36pm*
Saturday - 9:00 to 6:36pm

* All 9:00pm hour slots can only be purchased by volunteers until two weeks before Origins.

Into the Shadowlands (a Patron-only event)

See below for times.

---------- Special Events -----------


Into the Shadowlands - This is a "best of" adventure guided by your personal DM (Jeff Martin - TD creator) who takes you on a side journey into the plane of Shadow. This adventure is for Patron token supporters only. Some tickets on the one Saturday night slot will be reserved for Patrons who are volunteering.

True Raid - The LoriGorgon - Teams of two 10-person parties must fight the deadliest creature ever to appear in TD history -- the LoriGorgon! These tickets will go on sale at the normal times with the adventure tickets. However, since there are a limited supply, most will get snatched up by Patrons and Adv. Guild members since they have early access to tickets. You will only be able to buy one ticket.

True Dungeon Moot & 2018 Preview - Jeff Martin (TD creator) will share his thoughts on TD's recent expansion, and where it could be heading -- while asking for feedback and ideas from attendees. Jeff will also show some photos and artifacts from the old days, and ask for any questions. Finally, some "teasers" will be shown for the 2018-2019 adventure year, and more details will be given about the story-arc in future years.


2:00PM "Into the Shadowlands" (10 Patron players)

4:36PM "Into the Shadowlands" (10 Patron players)

7:00PM "True Raid - The LoriGorgon" (2 teams of 10 players fight Lori!)

9:00PM "True Raid - The LoriGorgon" (2 teams of 10 players fight Lori!)


2:00PM "Into the Shadowlands" (10 Patron players)

4:36PM "Into the Shadowlands" (10 Patron players)

7:00PM "True Raid - The LoriGorgon" (2 teams of 10 players fight Lori!)

9:00PM "True Dungeon Moot & 2018 Preview"


2:00PM "True Raid - The LoriGorgon" (2 teams of 10 players fight Lori!)

5:00PM "True Raid - The LoriGorgon" (2 teams of 10 players fight Lori!)

8:00PM "Into the Shadowlands" (10 Patron players) Some tickets reserved for Patron Volunteers


9:00am -- Noon "Sunday Teardown Spectacular!" Learn first-hand how much fun it is to help tear down the TD event! Tickets are FREE -- and so are the blisters. ; )

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