4th Level Character Cards

If you are interested in learning more about True Dungeon (especially if you are a DM or Coach!), then the first thing you want to look at is the new character cards for 2016.  

This year there are three different Character Class Cards available.  One card is the 4th level version of the character, one is the 5th level version of the character, and the final version are the very rare Rod of Seven Parts cards (sub-class cards).  To use the 5th level cards, you must possess either a Trio of Might items, a Ring of Heroism or a Charm of Heroism.  To use the Rod of Seven Parts cards, you have to possess a Rod of Seven Parts Eldrtich token.

Below are all the 4th level character cards.  Look for other articles to see the 5th level and Rod of Seven Parts cards.

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