PAX West


PAX West 2021

September 3 - September 5, 2021 


An amazing two-hour, seven-room, live-action, escape room adventure awaits you at PAX West! Do you have what it takes to solve group puzzles, charm NPCs, and fight monsters to complete this highly immersive adventure? Come meet Felurian in the Fae world created by author Patrick Rothfuss.

Metropolitan Ballroom - Sheraton Grand Seattle - 1400 6th Ave - Seattle, WA 98101

Also, check out this video produced by PAX covering a recent PAX South show HERE!

We are offering tickets for one amazing adventure entitled "Felurian's Feast".  One person may purchase as many tickets as they would like -- so one person can buy all the tickets for their friends.  Please note that in order to use these tickets, you MUST have previously purchased a convention badge at the PAX West website.  You must have a PAX West attendee badge to enter the venue.  We will be checking badges before admitting players to True Dungeon.  As a reminder, one person is able to buy all 10 tickets in a time slot if they wish, however ALL players must have a PAX West badge for the day they play TD.  

Tickets are $78 each.  This is $10 off the price at Gen Con.  This includes a free pack of Treasure Tokens at the start of the event ($8), a limited-edition Participation token (see below), and at least three draws from our random treasure generator (where $1,000 tokens can be found!).


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