PAX South

PAX South (January 17th-19th, 2020)   

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This is our exciting fourth and final year of a four-year story arc that takes players on an amazing chase through exciting immersive environments as they seek to stop a vile Mind Slayer from collecting a set of relics known as the Teeth of Cavadar. Adventures must work together while facing team-oriented challenges and fearsome monsters.

At PAX South, we are presenting the entire three-part E-series of enhanced modules. They can be played in any order!

They include:

  • E1 – Abyssal Swamp
  • E2 – Path of Death
  • E3 – Infernal Redoubt

The entire E-Series of modules are the most immersive in True Dungeon history!  

The E-series adventures feature increased levels in the quality of the sets, props, costumes, and animatronics.  

Admission covers your enhanced two-hour adventure, provides you with a 10 FREE Treasure Tokens in a velveteen drawstring pouch ($8 value), at least three draws from the Random Treasure Generator Chest (super-rare tokens can be had!), and a collectible limited-edition Treasure Token that only players can acquire.

All the events take place on the 3rd floor inside the Stars At Night Ballroom at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antonio, TX.  We run a FREE 24-minute demo (with standard queue line) in addition to the aforementioned two-hour adventures. There is no waiting line for the two-hour adventure, as your e-ticket has an exact start time. Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early for your two-hour adventure, and don't be late. The adventure starts with or without you.  

Tickets are on sale now at One person may purchase all 10 tickets in a time slot if desired. The cost of each ticket is $68. That's $12 less than playing these adventures at Gen Con.

CLICK HERE to view a teaser trailer for all the fun we bring to PAX South 2020.



We need your help to bring True Dungeon to life at PAX South. You will have a lot of fun, make some great new friends, and get some great swag & benefits, too! 

At PAX South, volunteers can sign up for two types of volunteer positions:

  • Full-Time (volunteer Thursday, January 16th through Sunday, January 19th)
  • Local Install and Dismantle Crew (volunteer Wednesday, January 15th & Thursday, January 16th & some on Sunday, January 19th)

Full-time Benefits include:

  • FREE PAX South 3-Day Badge
  • FREE spot in a 4-person hotel room
  • Meal Stipend
  • FREE limited-edition Ultra Rare volunteer-only Treasure Token
  • FREE Swag!

To submit a volunteer application, or to get more information, please CLICK HERE.

All volunteers MUST first create an account, and then they must fill out an application. This information is kept secure, and is used to select and schedule all volunteers. You will be contacted by the True Dungeon Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your duties at PAX South. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.




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