Token Release/Exchange Party

on Saturday, Jan. 19th, 2013

in Carbondale, IL

- Registration Required -





True Dungeon will be hosting a Token Release/Exchange Party on Saturday, January 19th, 2013 from 10:00am to 10:00pm at the True Adventures, Ltd. workshop in Carbondale, IL.

At this Token Release/Exchange Party, collectors can pick up any 2013 token pre-orders and/or exchange for Trade, Reserve or Transmuted tokens -- while enjoying some open gaming while their order is being processed.  This is also a great opportunity for collectors to meet and do some fast trading.

We will provide a cool tavern to hang out in while your tokens are exchanged. You can play games and trade with other collectors, while seeing the new UPDATED storyscape theme for 2013 (Faerie Forest). We will also have a sample adventure room to explore that takes you into a dark forest on a moonless night. 

More info about our whole Token Exchange Program, please CLICK HERE!  You can turn in unwanted tokens for rare, limited-edition tokens!


The event is going to be a small gathering with no events provided by True Adventures.  It is just a chance for TD collectors to hang out, trade tokens and do some open gaming. 


The warehouse/workshop is located a block south of Illinois Route 13, so it is easy to find.  There are three hotels within a few blocks, as well as a Hoolihan’s and a Golden Corral.  No alcohol will be allowed into the event, but you can bring any snacks or non-alcoholic beverages you wish.


The location of the workshop and local hotels are shown at this link:  CLICK HERE  Be sure to follow the instruction at the link.  Do NOT use your GPS to find it, as due to an error in coding you will be taken in the wrong direction.





Use the above link to download your mandatory TEP form for the Token Exchange Party.  These forms MUST be used -- as well as the bag labels that need to be put into ziplock bags.

You will probably have to print out some pages more than once to get all the labels you need for your ziplock bags.  You can some good info on how to use the form here:

Thank you for filling out all the forms beforehand, and for labeling your ziplock bags.












2013 Treasure Token Pre-Orders Ship Jan. 22nd!


The 2013 Treasure Tokens are on their way to True Dungeon HQ, and we will ship out all token pre-orders made before Jan. 18th on Jan. 22nd



Pre-Orders Ending!  Condensed Packs Are Limited!


If you want to be the first TD Supporters to see the new 2013 Treasure Tokens™, then you must pre-order your tokens BEFORE January 18th.  If you want to order a $1K Condensed Pack, please order it before January 18th as we may run out of them before that date.



Gen Con Ticket Draw

On May 3rd 2013, we will hold a special drawing from the names of all the 2013 token buyers to date.  Ten lucky token buyers will win. Each winner can "pre-buy" up to 10 tickets (from one slot) before anyone else!  Winners will be contacted on May 3rd and have until May 10th to pick their event slot (and pay for the tickets).  If we do not hear back from a winner by May 10th, then another name will be drawn.  True Dungeon event tickets go on sale for everyone in late May.  For every 10-pack you buy, we put your name in the virtual hat.  Winners are guaranteed to get the exact slot they want without having to worry about the crazy time during event registration.  You still have to buy the tickets at the normal price.

REMEMBER:  The more tokens you buy, the greater your chance of winning!


The Golden Ticket
We are randomly inserting 40 special Golden Ticket tokens into the 2013 token collection.  Instead of a Common token, you may get one of these uber-cool tokens in your 10-pack.  Details for the Golden Ticket Event can be found at the URL printed on the token. You will also get a host of extra goodies which include a completely awesome pack of uber-rare and powerful tokens and an exclusive GT-only surprise inside your True Dungeon adventure.  






New 2013 Ultra Rare Allows Your Character to be +1 Level!



One of the 2013 Ultra Rares that will sure to be in high demand is the Medallion of Heroism.  It allow characters to gain a level of experience -- which gains them extra hit points and other cool abilities like 3rd level spells.  The only drawback to this magic item is that characters equipped with it cannot wear any Rings.









Multi-year Eldritch Set from 2013-2016



The Boots of the North Wind (2013 Ultra Rare) are the first in a four-year Eldritch-item Transmutable set. When you have all four "Wind Boots" collected (in 2016), you can transmute then into the "Boots of the Four Winds" which dovetails with the power of the Supreme Ring of Elemental Command—only it adds damage to offensive attacks (instead of protecting you from an elemental type.)

You can turn in all four Wind Boots to get your Boots of the Four Winds which adds an additional 5 points of Eldritch damage to all weapon/spell attacks.





Condensed Packs ($1K each)


Some token collectors don't want to spend a lot of time opening up hundreds of 10-packs of tokens. They asked if we could make a condensed version available that would look like what 120 10-packs would look like AFTER the Common tokens were turned in for Trade tokens. Condensed packs save collectors the hassle of opening up all those 10-packs, sorting them, and then sending them off to be exchanged for Trade tokens. During the Check Out process, there will be a text box available for giving us notes.  In that text box, please indicate (in $1,000 increments) how much of your order should be in condensed form.


Instead of getting the normal 120 packs, you will receive the following for each Condensed Pack:

*Golden Ticket: The chance to get a Golden Ticket will be the same exact chance you would have with a regular token purchase. The proper amount of Golden Tickets will be randomly placed among the “120 Rares” bag in all the Condensed packs. You will ALSO find that we have randomly added the “1 in 100” random Ultra Rare tokens inside these random “120 Rare” bag. On average, 1.2 additional Ultra Rare tokens will be added to your Rare bag, so most Rare bags will have 120 Rares inside plus 1 Ultra Rare as well. One out of five Rare bags will have two Ultra Rares. A very few will also have an additional token included—a Golden Ticket token. So, most Rare bags will have 121 tokens, 20% will have 122 tokens, and fewer will have 123 tokens.

In addition to all above, each Condensed pack (or non-Condensed $1K order) will receive a free limited-edition "Rod of Seven Parts, Segment 6" token when the order ships.  Finally, each Condensed pack (or non-Condensed $1K order) will receive a signed copy of each of the two modules for 2013 in October of 2013.


DEADLINE TO ORDER:  The deadline to order Condensed packs is January 18th—or until we sell out of them.  It is possible that we will sell out of available Condensed packs earlier.



Great Multi-Pack Order Specials!


$250 Pick-Your-Ultra-Rare Order Option

In addition to the 30 10-packs of tokens, you will receive the following:


$1K Module/Special Token Order Option

In addition to the 120 10-packs of tokens, you will receive all of the following:


$2K “Adventurers’ Guild” Order Option

In addition to the 240 10-packs of tokens, you will receive all of the following:





Travel & Lodging

The location of the workshop and local hotels are shown at this link:  CLICK HERE

The Super 8 is about a mile away, and it runs about $59/night. It is older, but it is clean.

The Comfort Inn is much newer and located only a block north. However, it is about $105/night.

Also, if you are flying into St. Louis -- think about using the shuttle flights to Marion, IL (WMA) as it is a flat $100 round-trip (with all taxes). If you can get a local to pick you up, you can skip the car rental. Plus, you avoid the big airport hassles.