Mistress of the Marsh

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VTD4a - Mistress of the Marsh
Event Date - February 19 - 21, 2021
Tickets Available:  On sale now at td.events
Event Outline:  As done with previous adventures, the event will consist of seven rooms.  You will have a choice at some point in the event to pick either a combat or puzzle room. 
The Participation tokens will remain those announced previously, Cowl of Warming & Hood of Reflection.
VTD4b - Mistress of the Marsh
Event Date - March 19 - 21, 2021
Tickets Available:  On sale now
Event Outline:  This event will consist of the same rooms offered in V4a,but we will add a second branching combat/puzzle room choice.  In addition, we will tweak one existing combat room so it offers an altered challenge.  This change could be adding more monsters or adjusting the monster from the previous version.
The Participation tokens will remain those previously announced: Bead of the Bear & Bead of the Dire Bear.
VTD4c - Mistress of the Marsh
Event Date - April 16 - 18, 2021
2021 Patron* supporters: tickets available 2/5/2021
2021 Adventure Guild* supporters: tickets available 2/6/2021
General public: tickets available 2/7/2021
Event Outline: We will take the V4b adventure as described in its listing, and we will completely swap out an existing combat room for a brand-new combat room with a different monster(s) and effects.   In addition, if you finish a certain combat early, then a secret door will open to a new room that holds a little bit of extra fun for a short time. 

*If your td.events account shows you in the correct User Group for 4a/b, you will be added to the same User Group for 4c.  Please check about a week before tickets for 4c go on sale to make sure you are in the correct User Group for 4c.

The Participation tokens will be Charm of the Earth & Charm of the Wind.
Plans for the V5 adventures will be announced in late February. 
We appreciate your understanding and support, and we look forward to providing some amazing immersive adventures in 2021.

Participation Tokens for VTD-4a

Participation Tokens for VTD-4b

Participation Tokens for VTD-4c

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