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TOPIC: First time virtual, feedback

First time virtual, feedback 7 months 2 weeks ago #13

1,000% concur with what has already been said and very sorry you had that experience! Definitely not a fun experience and hope you will come back! I know some people post Normal level runs on the forums to help try and bring newer players in, however also know most newer players aren't on the Forums (fun catch22). Perhaps TD could have a specific time slotted for Normal runs in each VTD, with DMs and coaches prepped o help newer players get comfortable with the system, the rules, and help them through the game?

I think one thing to our fellow vets is we tend to default to the power the newer player up and throw a ton of token acronyms and shorthands their way, where we should just get a sense of where the newest player is in their build and be ok going down in power to make it more fun across the board.

We tend to think it is more fun for a newer player to get all the fun bells and whistles, however can often just be overwhleming and confusing, especially in the Virtual setting (i.e. trying to figure out how Mage/Arch Mage Medallion work).

One consideration I know is out there is vets like to go Nightmare to get the participation tokens for each run, however I wonder if there would be a way to offer the tokens, but then level down the run for all involved. This might be a solution to ensure vets feel more comfortable leveling down than always asking a newer player to level up.
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