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TOPIC: V4b Sat Mar 20 10:12 AM Central - LFO

V4b Sat Mar 20 10:12 AM Central - LFO 2 months 1 week ago #1

Hello! Looking to connect with the others on this run.

We are Druid (damage & healing spell optimized build), Dwarf, and Barbarian, NM- equipped. Prefer Nightmare but OK with Hardcore if people in the party would prefer.

In terms of loaner gear, Druid has enough Healing Runestones (all heal Spells received do +1) for the entire party, 3 extra Figurines: Moon Dog (No 50% miss Incorporeals for 1 room), 4 Canteens of Quaffing (drink a healing potion as a Free Action), and some breathe-in-water tokens (will get more after V3b).

I also have lots of scrolls of healing, a few Potions:Revival Root (restore character to life with 1 HP), and tokens of mundane gear that might be useful in a swamp.

Looking forward to adventuring with you!

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V4b Sat Mar 20 10:12 AM Central - LFO 1 month 4 days ago #2

My three are dropping out of this run so we can do V4c instead.

So if anyone wants to run V4b at 10:12 AM Central, there are now three tickets available.

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V4b Sat Mar 20 10:12 AM Central - LFO 1 month 4 days ago #3

I am on this run as Monk. I prefer NM and have CoA and CoAS

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V4b Sat Mar 20 10:12 AM Central - LFO 1 month 4 days ago #4

Here is a list of everything I have to loan out. They are available on a first come first served basis, just post in the thread whatever you need so the rest of the group knows what is still available.

Treasure Enhancers:
Horn of Plenty
Amulet of Treasure Finding
Ring of Riches
Charm of Good Fortune X 2
Ioun Stone Silver Nugget
Ioun Stone Gold Nugget X 2

Charm of Heroism
Ring of Heroism
+2 Scepter of Might, Girdle of Might, Boots of Might

Other Synergy Items:
Charm of Awakened Synergy
Earcuff of the Phalanx

Tokens by Class:

Medalion of Furious Attack
Bracers of Reckless Fury
Gauntlets of Linked Fury
+1 Falchion of Life Stealing

Lute of Free Fury

+3 Baton of Focus
Lenses of Devine Sight

Shaman's Greater Necklace
Shaman's BeltShirt of the Fae
Lenses of Divine sight

Elf Wizard / Wizard:
+3 Staff of Focus
Mad Evoker'S Charm

Tokens for all Casters:
Boots of the South Wind
Ring Of Spell Storing
Charm of Spell Swapping X 2
Gregor's Tome of Focus
Shirt of Focus
Lenses of Sage Speed
Ring of Greater Focus

+3 Holy Sword
+1 Mighty Longbow
Amulet of Guarding
Blessed Redoubt Helm
Blessed Redoubt Plate
Blessed Redoubt Shield
Gloves of the Brute
+3 Mithral Bracers
Shirt of the Oaf
Ioun Stone Quicksilver Sphere

Pendant of the Yew
Cloak of the Elm
+2 Keen Slayer Sow
Gloves of Greater Archery

Necklace of the sneak
Shoes of the Sneak
+2 rod of Persuasion
Libram of looting

Other tokens by slot:

Templar Helmet
Crown of Expertise
Mithral cap

Icecrag Hero's Earcuff

Medalion of Valhalla
Stupendous Pendant
Amulet of Wonder

Templar Armor
Dragon Hide Armor
Redoubt Plate
Blessed Redoubt Mail
Lucky Light Mail+1 Plate Armor

+3 Mithral Bracers
+2 Mithral Bracers
Celestial Bracers
Bracers of Guided Strike

Blessed Tempest Gloves
Gloves of the Cutpurse
Gloves of Dexterity

Melee Weapons:
+1 Celestial Keen Long Sword
+1 Mithral Long Sword
+1 Broadsword of Life Stealing
+2 Dwarven Dire Axe
+2 Slayer Sword
+2 Holy Avenger
+2 Flaming Blade
+2 Mace of Dispelling
+2 Keen Scimitar
+3 Hammer of Smiting
+3 Rod of Niltongue

Templar Shield

Ranged Weapons:
+1 Mighty Shortbow
+2 Stunning lt. Crossbow

Cloak of Shadowskin X 2

Ring of Improved Evasion
Ring of Earth Elemental Command
Ray's Ring of Remembrance X 2
Ring of the Yeti
Ring of Wonder

Orion's Belt X 3
Arcane Belt
Belt of Thorns
Celestial Girdle

Dark Disciple's Shirt X 2
Druid's Wild Vestments
Shirt of the Underdark

Kilt of Dungeonbane X 2
Blessed Pants of the Hare
Viper Strike Pants
Pantaloons of the Deeperdark

Bead of the Lucky Traveler X 3

Questor's Charm of Luck X 2
Wil's Dragonheart X 2
Divine Echo Charm
Greater Onyx Charm
Onyx Charm
Greater Quicksilver Charm
Quicksilver Charm
Greater Garnet Charm
Garnet Charm

Ioun Stones:
Ioun Stone Tanzanite Sphere
Ioun Stone Garnet Sphere
Ioun Stone Garnet Cube
Ioun Stone Florite Cube
Ioun Stone Charming Cabochon
Ioun Stone Lavender Elipsoid
Ioun Stone Amythist Ovoid
Ioun Stone Banshee Prism
Ioun Stone Sapphire Prism

Arcane Scrolltube
Greater Scrolltube
Pouch of Tulz
Rod of Seven Parts, Segments 3,4,5,6,7
Teeth of Cavadar 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th X2, 6th X3

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